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Best stages to train swords

So what's the quickest and most straightforward way to train your swords? As in, which stages to play for what levels of your swords, depending on what sword type he is?

What I have in mind is a sort of walkthrough like: 

From levels 1-15, chapter 1-4.

lvl 15-30, chapter 2-4.

lvl 30-50, chapter 3-4.

etc, etc. Of course that was all completely made up, or else I wouldn't be asking this question in the first place, although even if I did have some kind of specific way I trained my swords, I'm curious how others train theirs. 

I also don't know which stages give the most experience; is it simply as you go further stages, there's more exp, or are there specific stages that might give more exp than others? 

    • This is all under the assumption you have a higher levelled sword who can carry the weak ones (the ones you're training), which would obviously make things a lot easier.**

Sorry if this question was totally confusing, but I'm curious to see how people train their swords the quickest way possible!

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My rough guidelines for map level and sword type :

  • Lv.1 to 20-ish all swords - Era 1 and 2 (make sure to get them equipped with troops)
  • Lv.20-ish all swords - Era 3
  • Lv.35-ish all swords - Era 4 (4-4 will be harder for tantou/waki)
  • Lv.50 to 65-ish swords (except tantou and waki) - Map 5-1, 5-2
  • Lv.70+ swords (except tantou and waki, and some R2 uchi) - Map 5-3, 5-4
  • Lv.40-ish tantou / Lv.50-ish waki - Era 6-1
  • Lv.60-ish tantou / Lv.70-ish waki - Era 6-2
  • Lv.60+ tantou, waki / Lv.70+ uchi - Era 6-3
  • Lv.70+ waki / Lv.80+ uchi, some tachi and oodachi - Era 6-4

These guidelines aren't fixed as it would be different if you have higher leveled oodachi or naginata that can help babysit your low level swords.

You can check Experience#Front_Lines for comparison on experience gained in maps. But generally it is like you said, you get more exp on higher level maps (except some Era 6 maps).


this is pretty awesome, thanks!


If i'm only training one sword I usually send them straight to world 4, usually the team can carry them from the very first level (world 5 is more hazardous as there are a lot more arrows/catapults/bullets flying around that may heavydamage your level 4 sword in one shot lol). Even if I'm training more than one, having one speed-boosted oodachi that is a higher level than the rest of the team (so it attacks first and destroy 2 or 3 enemies at a time no matter what) and one other good sword is usually enough to carry everyone through world 4. I only go through world 1-3 if I'm training an entire team but usually I don't have that kind of patience...

After that it depends on the sword, an oodachi can hold its own on a team from level 15, for a tantou it's much, much later...


I always, always bring my new swords to the PVP before bringing them to the battle maps--it's quick and safe as they won't break, and they levelled up to lv 5-10 pretty easily. I'm too lazy to train my swords from the ground up (e.g. bringing them to Era 1 or 2) so I usually bring them straight to my highest-leveled map not infested with KBC--for tachi/naginata/yari/oodachi it's map 5-1 (used to be 5-2 but then I made a mistake going to the boss node orz), for tantou/waki/uchi it's map 6-2 or 6-4 as I grind for Akashi (finally got him yesterday!) and Nagasone. KBCs are weaker in Era 6 so I personally don't have any problem bringing them to my KBC-infested map 6-2.

I train the new sword along with my mid-leveled (toku level - lv. 70ish) swords and use an Iwatooshi (lv80+) to babysit them; those in Era 6 I just set as the squad leader as the'd gain more XP and the team will immediately retreat to the citadel if the leader got heavy damage, no babysitting needed here. Once the sword training in Era 5 hits toku, it's straight to map 5-4 with them for faster XP. 

The upside of this v. crude method is your swords levelled up pretty fast, but they'd get KO'd and lost troops a lot too. I don't do smithing so I don't mind spending resources + help tokens for repair, but this method isn't the most resource-friendly. I also only create troops using the recipe for catapults lately, bc 1) I'll get light cavalry/infantry from it anyway and 2) Era 6 loves to destroy my catapults. This is what I've been doing for quite a while :D


I'm currently training my newly obtained Akashi. What I did was run him around 1-1 + have him tag along with some high level swords to go on expeditions. That gets him to around level 10 in a few hours. Then I equip him with gold shieldmen, make sure his stats are maxed, and send him and Iwatooshi to 4-2. He got to level 18 in a few hours, would have been faster if I wasn't distracted by work. I have some level 20+ toudans so once he reaches 20+, I'll put them together and train them in the KBC infested maps so that (1) I can let them go freely to the boss node (2) I don't have to be careful to avoid the boss node on the non-kbc maps and withdraw them in time, something which I forget from time to time.

I don't really follow a guide since their ability on different maps would depend on the swords on the team. But when sending them to a different map for the first time, I would watch them for a couple of rounds to see how they do. If they lose their troops or almost lose all their troops, it's back to the earlier map until they level up a bit more. Same with KBC, if I notice that they have trouble handling KBC, then I'll stop going onto the KBC-infested maps.


I'm a new player and I learned so much from this thread! Thank you!

Regarding Winterblues' last point, what I've been doing is to keep using the KBC map and just close the game if I happen to meet KBC, since it's not 100% of the time. Of course, this will need more babysitting and take longer, but at least I can benefit from all the non-KBC runs.


I use high level naginata to baby sit low level and use 3-2 and 4-3 mostly to level up up to and a bit over lvl 20. though sometimes I lose troops if I bring too low level sword to high map but I'm not too much patient for grinding so this way is better for me!

And 6-1 is good to level up your tantous but after lvl 30 at least!

Don't forget to put the sword you want to level up faster as leader since leader gets extra experience  ;)

I've been sending my lower lvl (35-) tantou and waki straight to 6-2 (because I need the resources) and 6-4 with lvl 75
WhatsApp Image 2017-10-02 at 10.41.25 AM
+ uchi and waki. My Taiko and Fudou did really well on 6-4 and I could pass the boss node even with both of them being low lvl.