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For recent event details, see Events.

Current Campaigns Edit

Halved Repair Time (手入時間半分) campaign Edit

170425 utc7 campaign

Duration: 2017/04/25 - 2017/05/09

  • Repair times are halved.
  • Note: Repair resource costs remain the same.

Ongoing Campaigns Edit

Celebration of Saniwa Inauguration AnniversaryEdit

160114 starter-anniversary

Saniwa First Year Anniversary Campaign Poster

  • Presents have been prepared to celebrate the saniwa's anniversary. Also, the swords will give congratulations to the saniwa. So please visit the citadel on that day!
  • For more details, see Saniwa Anniversary Campaign.

Past Campaigns Edit

Halved Repair Time campaign Edit

170307 HalfTimeRepair

Duration: 2017/03/07 - 2017/03/21

  • Repair times are halved.
  • Note: Repair resource costs remain the same.

TKRB-Online-Pocket 1st Anniversary Commemoration CampaignEdit

170301 Pocket1stAnnivcampaign

Duration: 2017/03/01 - 2017/03/14

  • As commemoration for the 1st Anniversary of the Smartphone App for Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-Pocket on 2017/03/01.
  • Login bonus.
    • During the duration of the campaign, there will be a login gift in accordance to the days the players logged in either in the PC or Pocket version.
    • Login gifts:-
      • Day 1 - Coolant x 3000
      • Day 2 - Coal x 3000
      • Day 3 - Whetstone x 3000
      • Day 4 - Steel x 3000
      • Day 5 - Help token x 3
      • Day 6 - Fuji Ofuda x 1
      • Day 7 - Letter Set x 1
  • 0 resources for Create Troops x10 campaign.
    • 0 resources will be used for the 1st Create Troops x 10 daily.
    • There will be no failures when crafting troops for the duration of this campaign.
      • Resources will be used for the second Create Troops x10.
      • This campaign will be reset daily at 5:00 JST, in which you will once again be able to perform the Create Troops x10 for 0 resources.
      • Ofuda may be used while creating troops from this campaign.
  • 2x Exp campaign
    • For the duration of this campaign, exp gained by swords will be doubled.
      • 2x exp is also applicable to all event maps for the duration of the campaign.
      • Exp gained from battling Kebiishi will also be doubled.
  • Sale of the App 1st Anniversary Commemoration Pack.
    • Can be bought 1 per person at the sale page in Shop
    • The App 1st Anniversary Pack worth 2000 DMMP will be on sale at 480 DMMP.
      • Fuji Ofuda x 1
      • Makunouchi Bento x 3
      • Omamori x 3

TKRB Pocket 2 Million Downloads Commemoration Smithing Campaign Edit

170131 SengoSmithingCampaign

Duration: 2017/01/31 - 2017/02/02

  • In commemoration of Touken Ranbu Pocket reaching its 2 million downloads, Sengo Muramasa will be available as a limited smithable sword prior to his actual release.
  • There is no limits to how many Sengo Muramasa you manage to obtain from smithing.
  • Sengo Muramasa will be released officially in the future.

Expedition campaign Edit

170124 expeditioncampaign

Duration: 2017/01/24 - 2017/01/31

  • During the campaign, if an expedition lasts for 6 hours or longer but is under 10 hours, a small gold coin box 小判箱(小)is guaranteed.
  • If an expedition is 10 hours or longer, a medium gold coin box 小判箱(中)is guaranteed.
  • If an expedition that is at least six hours earns a Great Success and the normal reward includes a gold coin box, the guaranteed campaign gold coin box will also still be included.

Note: The expedition recall pigeon works with this campaign.

TKRB 2nd Anniversary Commemoration Campaign Edit

170117 2ndAnniversaryCampaign

Duration: 2017/01/17 - 2017/01/24

Archive Edit

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