Character Audio FilesEdit

For more information on the usage of character audio files in pages, see Template:Quotes.

The name of a character quotes file is formatted as such: Normal Characters:


Kiwame characters:


The notable exception is the Obtained line for kiwame characters, which is <charactername>-kiwame2.ogg

Example: Ookurikara-Intro.ogg

The full list of proper event names can be found below.
A gray box indicates "if applicable", as some characters may not have this line.

Audio File Names
Event Name to be used in File Name Q/EN/Clip #
Book Description Intro 0
Obtained obtained 4
Login (loading) Login-loading 1
Login (loading complete) Login-loadcomplete 2
Game Start gamestart 3
Citadel castlekeep1 5
castlekeep2 5B
castlekeep3 5C
Citadel (idle) castlekeep-idle 6
Citadel (injured) castlekeep-injured1 7
castlekeep-injured2 7B
Citadel (Kiwame sendoff) sendoff 49
Citadel (Kiwame prompt) kiwame 49B
Formation (member) formation 8
Formation (captain) leader 9
Equipment equipment1 10
equipment2 10B
equipment3 10C
Expedition expedition 30
Expedition Completed (Leader of Expedition Party) expedition_return 31
Expedition Completed (Leader of Primary Party) expeditioncomplete 41
Smithing smithing 32
Troops troops 33
Repairs (minor injury) minorrepair 34
Repairs (medium/severe injury) medrepair 35
Refinery refinery 36
Mission Completed missioncomplete 23
Battle Record battlerecord 37
Merchant shop 38
Front Lines sortie 11
Resource Discovery resourcediscv 12
Scouting enemysearch 13
Sortie Kick-off sortieKO 14
Ikedaya Kick-off ikedayaKO 14B
PvP practice 15
Attacking attack1 16
attack2 16B
Double Attack doubleattack 43
Critical Hit criticalhit 17
Minor Injury minorinjury1 42
minorinjury2 42B
Medium/Severe Injury heavydmg 18
Awakening awakening 19
Duel duel 20
Boss Node bossnode 40
Victory (MVP) MVP 21
Rank-Up Toku rankup 22
Rank-Up Toku Ni rankup2 22B
Rank Up Toku San rankup3 22C
Destroyed destroyed 39
Horsekeeping horsekeep1 24
Horsekeeping (done) horsekeep2 25
Fieldwork fields1 26
Fieldwork (done) fields2 27
Sparring sparring1 28
Sparring (done) sparring2 29
Citadel 1 (Nendoroid Background) nendoclip1 44
Citadel 2 (Nendoroid Background) nendoclip2 44B
Citadel 3 (Nendoroid Background) nendoclip3 44C
New Year's Greeting newyear 45
Omikuji (2016) 2016omikuji1 46
Omikuji Small Luck (2016) 2016omikuji2 46B
Omikuji Medium Luck (2016) 2016omikuji3 46C
Omikuji Great Luck (2016) 2016omikuji4 46D
Touken Ranbu's First year Anniversary (2016) tkrb1stanniv 47
Saniwa First Year Anniversary (2016) saniwa1stanniv 48

Character SpritesEdit

Character images should be saved in the .png format. For the character name, one should use the full name of the sword if it is only one word (ex. Taroutachi), or the "first name" of the sword, if it has more than one word (ex. Shokudaikiri for Shokudaikiri Mitsutada).

Character Infobox Images:

  • Base: <charactername>.png
  • Toku: <charactername>-Toku.png
  • Toku Ni: <charactername>-TokuNi.png
  • Toku San: <charactername>-TokuSan.png
  • Kiwame: <charactername>-Kiwame.png

Normal Gallery Images:

  • Normal: <charactername>-1.png
  • Battle: <charactername>-2.png
  • Battle (Injured): <charactername>-3.png
  • Awakening: <charactername>-4.png
  • Casual: <charactername>-5.png

Kiwame Gallery Images:

  • Normal: <charactername>-Kiwame1.png
  • Battle: <charactername>-Kiwame2.png
  • Battle (Injured): <charactername>-Kiwame3.png
  • Awakening: <charactername>-Kiwame4.png
  • Casual: <charactername>-Kiwame5.png

Example: Shokudaikiri-4.png

Map ImagesEdit

World maps are named in the following style:


Example: 6-3.png for map 6-3 Ikedaya Inn 2F

Event maps are named in the following style:


Example: TreasureChest2-Map1.png for Floors 1-5 of the Underground Treasure Chest - Easy event

The full list of proper event names can be found below.

Event Map File Names
Event Name to be used in File Name
Underground Treasure Chest (2015/06/11 - 2015/07/07) TreasureChest
War Training Expansion (2015/08/11 - 2015/09/08) WarTraining
Underground Treasure Chest 2 (2015/09/08 - 2015/09/15) TreasureChest2
Uncharted Village of Challenges (Practice) (2015/09/29 - 2015/10/06) UnchartedVillage
Village of Treasures (2015/10/29 - 2015/11/17) TreasureVillage
Underground Treasure Chest 3 (2015/11/19 - 2015/12/08) TreasureChest
Underground Treasure Chest - Easy (2016/01/26 - 2016/02/02) TreasureChest2
War Training Expansion 2 (2016/02/16 - 2016/02/29) WarTraining2
Underground Treasure Chest 4 (2016/04/12 - 2016/04/26) TreasureChest
War Training Expansion 3 (2016/04/26 - 2016/05/17) WarTraining3
Underground Treasure Chest - Easy 2 (2016/05/24 - 2016/06/14) TreasureChest2
War Training Expansion 4 (2016/07/05 - 2016/07/19) WarTraining4

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