For more information on the Infobox templates, see Template:Infobox.

Character infoboxes show a sword's portrait card and basic statistics. They will also show the sword's Toku information and Kiwame information (if available).

Infoboxes appear when the "Infobox" template is used.

Example InputEdit

|color = {{Color Switcher|Grad1}}
|colorK = {{Color Switcher|Grad2}}
|name = Midare Toushirou
|jpname = {{Ruby|乱藤四郎|みだれとうしろう}}
|image = Midare
|id = 45
|type-icon = {{Sword Type Switcher|Tantou-1}}
|type = Tantou
|rarity = 1
|survival = 28 (??)
|impact = 18(27)
|leadership = 25(36)
|mobility = 25(51)
|impulse = 17(26)
|range = Short
|killblow = 35
|scouting = 35 (??)
|camouflage = 35
|survivalT = 32(35)
|impactT = 22(31)
|leadershipT = 29(40)
|mobilityT = 29(55)
|impulseT = 21(30)
|killblowT = 35
|scoutingT = 39(49)
|camouflageT = 39

|idK = 46
|type-iconK = {{Sword Type Switcher|Tantou-2}}
|rarityK = 2
|survivalK = 43(??)
|impactK = 42(86)
|leadershipK = 48(76)
|mobilityK = 62(138)
|impulseK = 30(38)
|killblowK = 58
|scoutingK = 94(??)
|camouflageK = 105
|troopsK = 2

|troops = 1
|troop1 = Catapult
|troop2 = Archers
|troop3 = Musketeers
|troop4 = Light Infantry
|troop5 = Heavy Infantry
|time = 00:20:00
|rank = 20
|level = 60

When this code is pasted into Source Mode, it will produce this infobox like this:


Editing InfoboxesEdit

The Infobox template has many defined parameters that are used to dictate what will be shown on the Infobox. For example:

|name = Gokotai (the Romaji that is shown at the top of the Infobox)
|id = 47 (the sword's library number shown near the top)
|color = {{Color Switcher|Grad1}} (makes the Infobox a certain color to match rarity)

A basic guide to editing templates:

  • color: uses the "Color Switcher" template. For character infoboxes, use any input from Grad1 to Grad5, depending on the sword's rarity.
  • name: Write the full name of the sword in Wāpuro rōmaji (ex. Ookurikara).
  • jpname: uses the "Ruby" template. Follow all kanji and furigana readings as they appear in-game.
  • image: uses the full name of the sword if it is only one word (ex. Taroutachi), or the "first name" of the sword, if it has more than one word (ex. Shokudaikiri for Shokudaikiri Mitsutada).
  • id: The library number of the sword.
  • type-icon: takes the "Sword Type Switcher" template. Input is "type-rarity."
  • type: Tantou, Wakizashi, Uchigatana, Tachi, Oodachi, Naginata, or Yari.
  • rarity: 1 through 5.
  • surivival/impact/leadership/mobility/impulse/scouting values should be written as "base (after max refining)." If max refining value is unknown, write (??).
    • killblow and camouflage only have one value for each form and cannot increase with Refining.
  • range: Short (most swords), Wide (Oodachi), Horizontal (Naginata), or Vertical (Yari).
  • troops: number of troops the sword can equip, from 1 to 3.
  • troop1, troop2... troop6: The type of troops the sword can equip. Possible values are Catapult, Archers, Musketeers, Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Spearmen, Shieldmen, and Elite. Only use as many "troopx" parameters as necessary.
  • time: Time required to smith in hh:mm:ss format. Write "Uncraftable" if it's unsmithable. If it was available from an event, write "Event." If it was smithable during an event, write "Event; Time to Smith."
  • rank: Level required for Toku. Number only.
  • level: Level required for Kiwame. Number only.

Additional parameters:

  • Add T/T2/T3/K to most parameters above if you need to put in values for a Toku/Toku Ni/Toku San/Kiwame form that are different from their base form.
    • Example: color, id, type-icon, rarity, troops, rank, or stat values

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