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Events List Edit

Regiment Battle 4 (連隊戦)Edit

181218 RegimentBattle4

Announcement poster in game

161220 eventregiment banner
Duration: 2018/12/18 - 2019/01/15

Village of Treasures - Instrument Gathering Stage 10 (秘宝の里~楽器集めの段~) Edit

Duration: 2018/11/27 - 2018/12/14

181127 VillageOfTreasures

Announcement poster in game

170131 VillageEvent banner

  • Collect beads to get rewards, including Buzen Gou!
  • Boss nodes have a chance to drop instruments that can be exchanged with new BGMs.
  • More details are available on the event's page.

Special Investigation: Jurakutei (特命調査 聚楽第)Edit

Duration: 2018/10/31- 2018/11/21

181031 EventInfo

Announcement poster in game

181031 Jurakutei banner

  • Defeat the final event boss and destroy enemies to obtain the mysterious character.
  • You will also obtain rewards based on the amount of enemies you defeat as well as repeatedly clearing the final event boss.
  • More details are available on the event's page.

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