Registration and Game Start Edit

How come I am unable to play, even after registering? Edit

All servers are currently full. Since players are unable to exit or switch between servers, it would mean that you can only play after new servers are added. Constantly refreshing the page would not work as no players can exit for you to take their place.

Why does it say I'm from the wrong region? Edit

Touken Ranbu can usually only be played from within Japan. This can be bypassed, however, by following the steps on the Proxy Connection and Troubleshooting page.

I tried all of the steps listed and I still can't play the game! Edit

Please see Troubleshooting for some suggested instructions on resolving your problem. Generally, if you still receive a message that you're from the wrong region, you need to clear your cache and cookies and redo the cookie method steps. If you're getting a black screen, white screen, or the game isn't loading, please update your Adobe Flash Player, clear your cache again, and make sure your internet connection is stable.

Where do I go to learn how to play the game? Edit

We have a dedicated How to Play page for teaching the mechanics of the game, as well as the Glossary for understanding some of the most frequently used terms in the game.

Why is the game slow?Edit

The game may run slowly for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: high CPU usage because of a large number of browser tabs, a slow or spotty internet connection, server issues, viruses and spyware, or an extremely outdated graphics card. In a majority of cases, clearing the browser's cache and cookies repeating the cookie region flag procedure on the Proxy Connection and Troubleshooting page will resolve most issues.

Swords Edit

What is the difference between the swords? Edit

As of now, there are currently 7 different types of swords.

How do I get a particular sword?Edit

The Smithing page has recommended recipes listed for each sword type, but keep in mind that it does not guarantee that you will get the sword you want, as smithing is completely random. The Drop List page also lists maps where each sword can potentially drop from an enemy. In the end, much of the game is random and it just comes down to luck.

How many swords can I hold? How can I gain more sword slots/sword spaces?Edit

The default sword slots/sword spaces given to a player is 80 and it can only be increased with DMM Points. Please see the Shop page for more details.

How many items can my inbox hold?Edit

The inbox contents is limitless, however only the 100 most recent items gained can be viewed (newest items are displayed first). To access older items, claim any items from your inbox (it is advised to claim the oldest ones starting from page 25 of your inbox), and the next time you open your inbox older items will be displayed on page 25.

What do each of the stats mean?Edit

In common terms, the stats are, from left to right on each sword's infobox in-game, HP-attack-defense-speed-critical-awakening-scouting-camouflage. Please see the Combat Mechanism page for more details.

What are these flying sakura petals around my sword?Edit

The moving sakura petals indicate that your sword has Sakura Fubuki status, so they will have improved performance in battle. For more information, see the Fatigue page.

The background of my sword is orange/red and there's a sad face. Why?Edit

You have sent out your troops onto too many sorties and they are now fatigued. They will naturally recover over time if they are not sent into battle. For more information, see the Fatigue page.

What's the difference between flying sakura petals and non-moving sakura petals in the background?Edit

The first indicates Sakura Fubuki status; the second indicates toku (特) status.

What is toku (特)?Edit

Every sword will upgrade at either level 20 or 25 (depending on the sword) to Toku version. When a sword upgrades to Toku, they will have all of their health instantly restored. The sword's stats will increase to a certain amount, regardless of any prior refinements. The upgrade level for each sword is listed under the Rank-Up column on the Characters page. Moreover, the stats for the Toku version of each sword can be found on the sword's individual page.

How do I unlock the second, third and fourth party?Edit

Make a six-sword party for the second party, clear Sortie 2-4 for the third, and clear Expedition D4 for the fourth. You will need to receive the rewards by completing their respective Missions.

Citadel Edit

What does this term mean?Edit

For a full list of terms used in Touken Ranbu, please see Glossary.

How do I gain more resources?Edit

Your resources will regenerate naturally at the rate of 3 resources per 3 minutes, until the max amount of resources that you can naturally regenerate is reached. The max amount of resources that you can regenerate to scales with your level, and can be found by looking at your Battle Records. Alternate methods to gain more resources would be to do Missions, Expeditions or from the Front Lines. Resources can also be purchased with DMM points in the Shop.

What does ___ do / Where can I get it?Edit

See the Glossary for quick descriptions of items and how to obtain them. Most items like Request Tokens, Help Tokens, Horses, and Ofudas can be obtained from completing Missions. The Shop also sells resources and items in exchange for DMM points.

I encountered an error message while smithing. Why?Edit

Check the screenshots under In-Game Messages and Troubleshooting to see if the error messages you received matches any of the examples.

What time do daily missions and PvP partners refresh?Edit

The list of Daily Missions is refreshed at 05:00 (GMT+9). PvP (演練) partners switch at 03:00 and 15:00 (GMT+9).

How can I get my nendoroid background? Where do I enter the serial code?Edit

Please check this page for the instructions.

Why is my inbox empty when I'm sure it had swords/troops/resources?Edit

Any swords, items, and rewards sent to the inbox will automatically be deleted after 30 days. If the player doesn't claim the items before the expiration date, they will permanently disappear after the expiration date passes.

Sortie Edit

Why can't I clear a stage?Edit

Currently, there are no battlefields that require a special condition to reach the boss node. The path the player takes every time they enter a battlefield is heavily dependent on probability, often not in the player's favor to make it intentionally difficult to clear certain stages. The best course of action is to repeat a stage until the player reaches the boss node.

Only a few maps have confirmed branching rules based on the composition of the team; these can be checked by going to each battlefield's information page.

How do I unlock Expeditions?Edit

You must have a second party unlocked to go on Expeditions. To do so, complete the Missions that requires you to form a complete team of 6 swords.

Why am I not getting experience, resources, or drops from this map?Edit

Your team is above the level cap for that map. Each map has a level cap that prevents teams from gaining experience, receiving sword drops, or obtaining resources from resource nodes if the team's average level exceeds the level cap.

How come I did not get my sword when I'm pretty sure it was a drop? Edit


Yamanbagiri Kunihiro reaching toku status. Notice the pink square with the kanji 特 in the bottom-left corner.

Many people confuse a drop with a sword reaching their toku (特) level. Both events will show a blue message and a picture of your sword. The distinct difference in the cut-in scene is that a pink stamp with 特 appears for swords reaching the toku level, and does not appear for a normal drop. Hence, there is no extra sword.

You may check the toku level of your sword in the Characters page, under the Rank Up column, or on each character's individual pages.

In other cases, your sword inventory may be full, so check your mailbox for any extra swords.

What does it mean if lightning and a silhouette appears after I clear a map?Edit

Kebiishi icon obtained resized

Cutscene indicating that Kebiishi has appeared in the map

After clearing a map's boss node for the first time, subsequent visits to the boss node may spawn Kebiishi on that map. Kebiishi are typically more powerful than usual enemies. Afterwards, the battlefield will be marked with a purple icon when selecting it from the Front Lines menu. While traveling on an infested battlefield, every enemy node encounter, with the exception of the boss node, has a chance of spawning the Kebiishi instead of the normal enemy pattern. For more information, see the Kebiishi page.

Why hasn't my expedition team come back even when the time is up?Edit

You must be on the citadel main page for your expedition team to return. If you are already there before the time is up, you will need to exit the citadel main page (simply click on any of the other options in the menu, e.g. Smithing) and come back to see your team return.

Wikia Edit

Where should I go to ask a question about the game?Edit

We recommend that you visit and ask on the Chat, as there will generally be experienced users available in the Chat to answer any questions. The Chat can be accessed through either the right sidebar of the main page, the Navigation bar on top of every page (under "Community"), or a direct link at Discord Chat. If nobody is currently available, there are also Comments sections at the bottom of each article, as well as the Forums, but these are less recommended.

How do I add or change major content on a page?Edit

You should go to the Suggestion page. If you want to change/edit content in pages, it is highly recommended to start a discussion there to avoid confusion, prevent edit-wars, etc. The same goes if you want to add some information but you had trouble with the editing or can't do it by yourself. You can freely add, change, or delete content, but please discuss major changes with other contributors first.

If you would like to discuss a major revision to the site's layout or content, please contact any of the active admins on their Message Walls or in Discord Chat.