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From top to bottom: A sword in Sparkling (sakura petals floating over the portrait), normal, fatigued, and severely fatigued states.

Fatigue is the exhaustion level of a particular sword from being sent out on too many sorties. As fatigue level worsens, swords tend to perform more poorly in battle.

Swords generally become exhausted as they are sent out on the Front Lines or Expeditions. Certain actions will increase or decrease fatigue by specific amounts.

Statuses Edit

Fatigue is calculated using a numeric system, in which different actions will add or subtract from a sword's fatigue value. The swords display different colored background statuses, depending on the level of fatigue they have.

The exact effects of each status are currently unconfirmed. Hypothesized effects are listed below.

Fatigue Value Status Effects
50~100 Sakura Fubuki (Sparkling) Increase in fighting ability (+20%)
20~49 Normal status Normal status (±0%)
6~19 Fatigued Decrease in fighting ability (-20%)
0~5 Severely fatigued Severe decrease in fighting ability (-40%)

Modifying Fatigue Edit

Different actions will alter a sword's Fatigue level. Below is a list of the different actions that will modify Fatigue levels.

Condition Values Remarks
Default Value from Drop or Smithing 40
Automatic Recovery +3/3 min. Caps at 49; is not active while on a Sortie of any kind (Front Lines, Practice, Expedition)
Front Lines
Entering a Map -10 Upon entering a map, regardless of whether battles have been fought or not.
Entering a Battle Node Entering Battle -3 Applies at the beginning of the battle
MVP Status +10
Captain +3 After a Victory (Rank C or higher)
±0 After a Defeat
Victory Rank S +4 (as a non-Captain and no MVP status) net gain is +1 (-3 for entering a battle).
Victory Rank A +3 With above conditions, net gain is ±0 (needs confirmation).
Victory Rank B +2 With above conditions, net loss is -1 (?)
Victory Rank C +1 With above conditions, net loss is -2 (?)
Defeat ±0 With above conditions, net loss is -3 (?)
Practice (PvP)
MVP Status +10
Captain +3 After a Victory (Rank C or higher)
Victory Rank Bonus ±0 Defeat is also ±0.
When an Expedition Returns -3 No automatic recovery while on an Expedition.
Other Situations
After Repairs 0~39→40

Recovering From Fatigue Edit

As outlined above, the easiest way to recover from Fatigue is to stop going on Front Lines with a sword until they return to normal status on their own. If a sword is fatigued and damaged, repairing them with the use of a Help Token will instantly restore their Fatigue to default levels.

Sennin DangoEdit

Alternatively, using the Sennin Dango item will instantly recover swords from fatigue. Dango can be purchased with DMM points from the Shop. It can be activated by the button located at the bottom of the Formations page (疲労回復). The item is applied to the current sword members in the selected party, so use it wisely.

Makunouchi BentoEdit


Meanwhile, using the Makunouchi Bento item (also purchasable from the Shop) will grant Sakura Fubuki status to all swords in the party. It can be activated by the button located at the bottom of the Formations page (疲労回復). Like Sennin Dango, it is a one-time use item, so use it wisely.

Notes Edit

A quick way to recover Fatigue and put a sword in Sakura Fubuki status is to put them by themself on a team and repeatedly go to Map 1-1. They will always experience a net gain in Fatigue levels, as they are always the Captain and MVP, even if they are above the level cap.

A sword can also be assigned the captain of the party and brought on longer maps with more battle nodes (Eras 4 and 5). If the team travels through at least three battle nodes, the captain will experience a net gain in Fatigue levels (i.e. become less tired).

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