About the Blade
Nagasone Okisato (長曽禰興里)
Forge Date
1665 CE
長曽祢興里入道乕徹・寛文五年乙巳霜月十一日 弐ツ胴截断 山野加右衛門永久
Current Sword Length
Current Blade Hamon (Historical)
Current Location
Private collection
Public Viewing
Blade Appearance
  • Used to belong to Hachisuka clan who ruled Tokushima domain, thus the reason of his name.
  • His inscription is as follow:
    • 長曽弥興里入道虎徹 (Nagasone Okisato nyuudou Kotetsu).
    • 寛文五年乙巳霜月十一日 弐ツ胴截断 山野加右衛門永久 (Kanbun 5 (1665 CE) Kinotomi Shimotsuki (November) 11, futatsu dousetsudan, Yamanokaemon Nagahisa) ― written with gold inlay, with a signature at the end.
      • Futatsu dousetsudan refers to the fact that when Hachisuka was used in a cutting test, he was able to cut down two corpses piled together. Yamanokaemon Nagahisa is the place where the cutting test was held at.

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