About the Blade
Awataguchi Yoshimitsu (粟田口吉光)
Forge Date
1259 CE
Current Sword Length
Current Blade Hamon (Historical)
Current Location
Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
Public Viewing
– New Treasures for the People exhibition: Ichinoseki City Museum (Iwate), July 15 - August 20, 2017
Blade Appearance
  • He was given to Tadazane Ogasawara by Tadayuki Kuroda, the lord of Fukuoka Castle in the Chikuzen province, and has since been passed down through the Ogasawara family. He harbors the spirit of the wealthy merchant of Hakata who inherited him.
  • Hakata Toushirou was purchased by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs in March 2017, as a part of a program aimed at preservation of Cultural Properties. (An unverified tweet reported the purchase price was 83 million yen (approximately US $750,000.))
  • Some fanworks depict Hakata with Heshikiri Hasebe and Nihongou. This is due to Hasebe being given to Yoshitaka Kuroda, or his son, Nagamasa Kuroda. Nihongou, however, was won by Fukushima Kuroda after winning a drinking bet. These three together are know as Kurodagumi.

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