About the Blade
Hasebe Kunishige (長谷部国重)
Forge Date
1312 CE
長谷部国重 本阿 ・ 黒田筑前守
Hasebe Kunishige Hon'a - Kuroda Chikuzen no Kami
Current Sword Length
Current Blade Hamon (Historical)
The lower two third of it is covered with nodular gilded rayskin
Current Location
Fukuoka City Museum
Public Viewing
Yes, January 5 - February 5, 2017
Blade Appearance
  • There are two theories of how the sword came into the possession of Kuroda clan.
    • The first one is that blade simply went from Nobunaga to Hideyoshi and from the latter to Kuroda Nagamasa.
    • The second one is that Nobunaga imprisoned a traitor Araki Murashige and mistakenly assumed that Nagamasa's father, Yoshitaka, was also involved. He took Nagamasa as a hostage and ordered his execution. The complot was clarified and Nagamasa managed to escape execution. As a compensation for the 'mistake', Nobunaga presented the sword to the clan.
  • Later, the blade got shortened and received an inscription that marked him as a sword crafted by Hasebe Kunishige and a possession of the Kuroda clan.
  • Fans tended to portray him as the one in charge of cooking duty in the citadel, along with Shokudaikiri Mitsutada and Kasen Kanesada, most likely in relation to their internal affairs' quotes.
  • Some fanworks depict Heshikiri with Nihongou and Hakata Toushirou. This is due to Nihongou being won by Fukushima Kuroda, after winning a drinking bet. As for Hakata, he was owned by Tadayuki Kuroda. These three together are know as Kurodagumi.
  • Heshikiri's sword crest uses the crest of the Oda clan, as he was owned by Oda Nobunaga.

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