Hanamaru Official Character Design
Character Description

A holy sword from Ishikiri-Tsurugiya Shrine. The sword itself is a holy object, and because he lived in a shrine for a very long time, he's somewhat unfamiliar with the outside world. Rather than his cutting ability, his powers are expected to treat tumors and heal diseases. With a gentle look, he watches over everyone.

Comments from Voice Actor

Q: Tell us your impression of the character you are acting as and what enthuses you most when you are acting him.

A: He's a character overflowing with kindness. Different from the game, being able to speak with the other Touken Danshi while moving is something I look forward to. I think you can get a lot of charm from the Ishikirimaru born from the anime.

Q: Tell us about any happenings around you lately that feels like "Hanamaru".

A: An event in the park. There were a boy who couldn't do the forward upward circling on the horizontal bar and was practising, and a girl next to him who could easily do it. The boy kept practising while feeling guilty towards the girl who tried really hard to teach him. Their smiling faces when he succeeded is Hanamaru.


Anime Character Trivia

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Hanamaru Season 1
  • He is the 16th sword obtained by the Saniwa in Hanamaru Citadel.