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Character Description

The naginata that Musashibou Benkei was said to have wielded. Has an overwhelming huge size and a broad-minded personality. Nevertheless, he is of good upbringing and has a dignified taste in appearances. Because he likes small and smart/nimble things, he dotes on Imanotsurugi.

Comments from Voice Actor

Q: Tell us your impression of the character you are acting as and what enthuses you most when you are acting him.

A: To put it simply, my image of Iwatooshi is apart from being Benkei's naginata, he's open-minded and takes good care of others. I hope to put up a performance that will betray all saniwa's expectations in a good way!

Q: Tell us about any happenings around you lately that feels like "Hanamaru".

A: "To be thanked by saying that it was great that I was the one who acted out the character I acted made me really happy. I finally achieved the happiness of being an actor.


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Hanamaru Season 1
  • He is the 44th sword obtained by the Saniwa in Hanamaru Citadel.