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Character Description

The uchigatana that is said to have been used by Shinsengumi's Okita Souji. Perhaps because he was born in an impoverished environment, he believes that as long as he keeps himself pretty he will be loved by his owner. Seemingly the polar opposite of Yamatonokami Yasusada with whom he quarrels all the time, in reality they are good friends.

Comments from Voice Actor

Q: Tell us your impression of the character you are acting as and what enthuses you most when you are acting him.

A: Because his image colors are black and red, I thought he would be a quirky and a slightly annoying character at first. But then I felt that he had a cute and mischievous side too and because of that I want to play him as a character that you can't hate and will freely enjoy.

Q: Tell us about any happenings around you lately that feels like "Hanamaru".

A: When I was remembered by someone in the shop I frequent! Hearing them saying "Please come again" somehow made me really happy!


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Hanamaru Season 1
  • He is the starter sword of the Saniwa in Hanamaru Citadel.