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Kiwame (極) is the further upgraded state that may be achieved through further training of a sword which has satisfied the requirements set.

There are 3 characteristics of Kiwame:

  • The sword will gain a new appearance.
  • Stats of the sword will increase.
  • The rarity of the sword will increase by 1.

Swords that have acquired Kiwame status will return to level 1 and their stats will increase as they grow. For swords whose levels are higher than the required level, the experience points gained between their minimum Kiwame level and their current level will pass onto the Kiwame state.

  • Example: For a sword whose Kiwame requirement level is 60, should the sword be level 99, the experience points gained between Levels 60 through 99 will pass on to the Kiwame sword.

Toku will not occur for swords in Kiwame.


  • Letter Set icon
  • Travel Garb icon
  • Travel Kit icon

To achieve Kiwame, the sword must undergo Training. The Training event will be triggered once the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Era 6-4 (Ikedaya Inn 1F) map is cleared.
  • The sword must reach the required level.
    • Tantou: Lv. 60
    • Wakizashi: Lv. 65
  • Have in your possession: "Letter Set" (手紙一式), "Travel Garb" (旅装束), and "Travel Kit" (旅道具).
  • The sword must not be your secretary, on expedition, in repairs or in internal affairs.
  • No other sword must be undergoing Training.

Training EventEdit


Kiwame Prompt scene


Kiwame Request button in Refinery tab

  • The Training event will occur automatically when logging into the game should the above requirements be fulfilled. Should there be multiple swords which fulfill the requirements, reloading the game will re-trigger the event with the sword you have obtained the earliest.
  • You will be given the choice to decline the sword's request for training (green button). Training consumes one Letter Set, one Training Garb, and one Traveling Tools.
  • You may choose to let an eligible sword undergo Kiwame at any time by pressing the Training (修行) button in the Refinery menu.

Training PeriodEdit

Kiwame-Send Off

Kiwame Send Off scene


Kiwame Return scene

  • 4 days (96 hours) after the start of the training period, the sword will acquire Kiwame status and return to the citadel.
  • You will receive 3 letters from the sword during the training period.
    • One letter will be received every day (24 hours).
    • The received letters will be recorded in the Sword Library and can be reread at any time.
    • Should you use the Kiwame Training Recall Pigeon, or only login after 4 days, all the letters will be available to read in the Sword Library.
  • If you use the Kiwame Training Recall Pigeon sold at the Shop, the Training will be completed instantly.
  • Swords who are undergoing Training cannot participate in the following:

How to obtain "Letter Set", "Travel Garb" and "Travel Kit"Edit

  • You will receive one of each when you clear Memory of Ikedaya/6-4 Ikedaya Inn 1F
  • First clear rewards for new stages
  • Monthly Missions (to be implemented)
    • These are different from the Monthly Missions implemented on 16/05/17.
  • Mission rewards in events.


Kiwame-Evade Skill

Kiwame Tantou Evade skill in daytime battle

Kiwame-Parry Skill

Kiwame Wakizashi Parry skill

  • Swords will retain their accumulated experience points but their levels will be converted according to the Kiwame exp requirement per level (see Experience).
  • Kiwame will reset all stats gained through Refinery or Internal Affairs. However, stats may be gained again through further Refinery or Internal Affairs
  • Kiwame will not undergo Toku.
  • Kiwame Tantou are able to evade long-range attacks during daytime battles.
  • Kiwame Wakizashi are able to parry or block attacks during battles.

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