A player leveling up, with 1000 Koban earned for reaching Lv50

Koban (小判) Koban is the old currency of Japan (Japanese gold coin). You can use these to buy new Backgrounds for your citadel.

Koban are also sometimes used for certain Events to purchase additional runs for an event map.

Koban Box Edit

Koban boxes must be opened in the last tab of the Shop in order to receive their award.

Image Name Amount
Koban (Small) Koban (Small) 200
Koban (Medium) Koban (Medium) 400
Koban (Large) Koban (Large) 700

Obtaining Koban Edit

Missions Edit

Completing the Daily Missions "Successfully win 5 times at PvP [演練]" and "Successfully complete 10 Expeditions" award 600 Koban each day.

For more information on other missions also grant Koban, see Missions.

Expeditions Edit

For Koban rate per hour chart, see Expedition Notes Section.

The following Expeditions grant Koban Boxes when a Great Success is achieved:

Name Expedition Time
Koban (Small)
B1 - Kōbu Gattai Exercise (公武合体運動) 1:30:00
B2 - Auditing the Ashoro Fields (加役方人足寄場) 3:00:00
Koban (Medium)
C3 - Security of Azuchi Castle (安土城の警備) 10:00:00
D2 - Westward Operation (西上作戦) 5:00:00
Koban (Large)
D4 - Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei (比叡山延暦寺) 6:00:00
E2 - Genkō Bōrui (元寇防塁) 18:00:00
E3 - Yabusame Collection (流鏑馬揃え) 15:00:00
E4 - Battle of Ōshū (奥州合戦) 24:00:00

Level Up Edit

Leveling up awards the following amounts:

Level Koban
Lv. 1~Lv.9 50
Lv. 10~Lv.19 100
Lv. 20~Lv.49 150
Lv. 50 1000
Lv. 51~Lv.59 250
Lv. 60 2000
Lv. 61~Lv.69 250
Lv. 70 3000
Lv. 71~Lv.79 250
Lv. 80 4000
Lv. 81~Lv.89 250
Lv. 90 5000
Lv. 91~Lv.98 250
Lv. 99 10000
Lv. 100~Lv.149 300
Lv. 150 5000
Lv. 151~Lv.199 350
Lv. 200 10000
Lv. 201~Lv.249 400
Lv. 250 5000
Lv. 251~Lv.299 450
Lv. 300

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