Missions Menu

The Daily Missions tab.

The list of missions can be accessed from the [任務] button from the main page. There are three categories of missions: Objectives, Daily, and Monthly Tasks.

Objectives are goals to be completed as you play, and cannot be repeated. These missions are found in the first tab, [主要].

Daily Missions are goals that can be accomplished daily (repeatable), and can be found under the second tab, [日課]. The list of Daily Missions is refreshed at 05:00 JST every day.

Similarly, Monthly Missions are goals that can be accomplished monthly (repeatable), and can be found under the third tab, [月課]. The list of Monthly Missions is refreshed at 05:00 JST on the 1st of every month.

Completing all of the Daily Missions each day and Monthly Missions each month will earn the following total:

Rewards Daily Monthly
Charcoal Charcoal 1430 1300
Steel Steel 1700 1300
Coolant Coolant 1630 1300
Grindstone Whetstone 1490 1300
Request token Request Tokens 4 -
Help Token Help Tokens 6 -
Koban Koban 600 -
Others - 1 Travel Kit

A fourth category, Event, will be accessible only when an event is ongoing. For the missions listed in this category, please visit the event's page.

The tabs in Missions have been rearranged as of 27 July 2017. The order is now Daily Missions, Monthly Missions, Objective Missions, and Event Missions.

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