刀剣乱舞 ゲーム OP (2016) 【夢現乱舞抄】01:39

刀剣乱舞 ゲーム OP (2016) 【夢現乱舞抄】

Mugenranbushou (夢現乱舞抄)
  • Lyrics: ?
  • Music, Arrangement: ?
  • Sung by: Itagaki Soutarou (板垣奏太郎)


一陣の風が如く 時代を駆けゆけと
闇を裂いて 響く刃音 宿命を背負い
往くは乱世 舞うは夢か現
硬き岩も砕く剣 その身は唯 気高く
刹那に込め討ち込む 猛き一撃 雷鳴轟かせ
戦場に燃ゆるは 生命の華
いざ出陣 さあ土煙上げ 地平の果てまで
荒野に落ちた 名もなき泪 踏み越えてゆけ
たとえその全てが果敢無くとも 天を仰ぎ
覚悟を宿して 闘うのみ
烈しく 強く 乱れ舞うように

Like a gust of wind blowing across a plain, we ride through the sands of time.
Darkness pierced by our blades, echoing clash of steel, we shoulder on our fate
Off to a land of war, will it be a dream or will it be real?
A sword of steel that can break even the hardest rock
Such a blade is merely noble in mind
Like a flame it shimmers with a shining light
Putting it all into this one attack, a violent and savage slash, making thunder roar across the sky
What burns brightly on the battlefield is the red bloom of life
To the battlefront we go, in a cloud of ash and dust, until we touch the horizon
The nameless tears that fell on this wretched land laid waste, let's overcome and go on
Even if everything we have is but a fleeting empty dream, look up towards the sky
Clench your teeth and your resolve, just fight, fight away
Aggressively, wildly, like a dance of chaos

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