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DMM error page when you try to load the game outside Japan

Ordinarily, one must live in Japan in order to play Touken Ranbu. However, it is still possible to play the game by either using a proxy connection or faking the region flag. The browser cookie method below does the latter, allowing you to play the game.

Note: If you have previously installed plug-ins to bypass the region lock (such as KC3) for other netgames on DMM (e.g. Kancolle) there is no need to overwrite said plug-in with this cookie.

Please consider installing the Touken Ranbu Pocket smartphone app if you want to play on a tablet or smartphone device.

Editing DMM Cookie's Region Flag Edit

Proxy Connection Cookie Method TKRB10:46

Proxy Connection Cookie Method TKRB

Please follow these timestamps to go to your desired browser. Proxy Safety? 1:03 Tl;dr instructions 2:00 Google Chrome 2:18 Safari 5:46 Firefox 7:59

Usage Edit

  • Step 1 and Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your DMM account.
  3. Afterwards, you must switch the language of the site from English to Japanese (日本語) at the top of the site.
  4. Make sure the page has completely loaded. Then, open the Developer Bar (F12), copy and paste the cookie lines into the Console, and press Enter/Return.
  5. Go directly to the game using this link .

Cookie Lines

document.cookie = "cklg=welcome;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/";
document.cookie = "cklg=welcome;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/netgame/";
document.cookie = "cklg=welcome;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/netgame_s/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/netgame/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/netgame_s/";

Note: If your console returns the line "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/", that is normal behavior and the method should still work.

You may also use this Chrome extension to bypass the area error on DMM.

Alternate Way to Access the Console Edit

If you are unable to find the Console in the Developer Bar, the following shortcuts can be used to access it instead:

  • Chrome: Ctrl-Shift-J (Windows), Cmd-Opt-J (Mac)
  • Firefox: Ctrl-Shift-K (Windows), Cmd-Opt-K (Mac)
  • Safari: Cmd-Opt-C (Mac)
  • Opera: Ctrl-Shift-I, Select 'Console' (Windows)

Advantages Edit

  • Works for any OS or browser
  • You do not need to download or install any third-party software
  • You will have access until you specifically clear your browser cookies
  • It is fast since you'll be using your direct internet connection

How it works Edit

Region cookies & How it works (From the Kantai Collection Wiki)

  1. With this, you are using the browser's developer tools console to write cookies on your computer. Nothing has been transmitted to the server at this point.
  2. Once you have refresh DMM, it will now check for the cookies. Your browser now includes these cookies as part of the HTTP header on your refresh.
  3. DMM will now see the new region flag on the cookies, (which they do not know you faked since it was given by your browser) and grant you access.
  4. Choose your netgame and have fun playing the game.

Troubleshooting Edit

  1. If the above method does not work for you and you cannot access the game, ensure the following:
    • You aren't using private browsing / incognito window
    • Adobe Flash Player is enabled
    • Your browser doesn't routinely clear cookies
    • Your internet connection is working
    • Your internet connection is not blocking DMM's API
    • Your browser does not have Parental Controls on
  2. If you made sure these are correct and the above method still doesn't work, try some of the following:
    • Refresh the page after entering the lines into the console and hitting return
    • Clear cache/cookies and enter the lines into the console again
    • Reinstall/update Adobe Flash Player
    • Set an exception for in your firewall
    • Reset your internet connection
    • Turn your computer off and on again

Other Edit

  1. If you have already been playing for a while and the game prompts you to choose a new server, do NOT choose a new server. Simply log out and log back in so that you do not get the message again. Choosing a new server may reset all of your progress in game.
  2. If you have already chosen a new server:
    • Attempt to reset the page and go to the direct link
    • Try to log out and back in
    • Reset your computer
    • If the above does not work, your progress may have been deleted permanently.

Filing Bug Reports Edit

  • fig. 1
  • fig. 2
  • fig. 3

If you have encountered any problems (being defined as persisting problems accessing the game or in-game after you have tried all solutions provided on this wiki, either on pages or in comments) and would like to file a bug report to Nitro+, please follow the steps provided below. Figures and visual support can be found in the gallery to the right.

  1. Log into your DMM account.
  2. Access the Touken Ranbu community forum.
  3. Under the square portrait of Mikazuki, click the yellow rectangular button which says コミュニティに参加 (see fig. 1)
  4. After you click on the button, a pop up should tell you that you have registered as a member of the community. Close the window using the blue link with an 'x' beside it.
  5. Then, under the 最新トピック一覧 section of the page, click on the forum topic of ご意見&不具合報告[insert # here] (see fig. 2)
  6. At the very bottom of the page, there should be textbox where you can write your report. You are limited to 500 characters. To submit your report, click the silver コメントする button. (see fig. 3)
  7. Important! Please use this template when filing reports, it helps the Nitro+ staff a lot if you use it:

Translated version:

『Bug Report』
Date of occurrence:
Operating System (e.g. Mac OSX, Windows Vista):
Browser (e.g. Google Chrome, IE):
Any Antivirus/Security software (Kapersky, Norton, though Macbooks have built in Firewalls):
Main problem:
Solutions tried:
Current situation:
Any other notes you need to add:

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