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Maintenance Notice

Latest maintenance:
Sept 19 2017 [13:00 - 18:00] [GMT+9]

Next maintenance:
No maintenance is announced for now.

Recent Updates


  • New event: Delicious Dango Chasing Rabbit Village event has been implemented.
    • In this event, collect 50 One Bite Dango to complete the event mission and gain new Background - Autumn Garden: Full Moon
    • One Bite Dango is a random drop in the event map
  • New item One Bite Dango is now available in Shop.
    • New lines by the swords have been implemented when using the new item One Bite Dango on swords.
  • New update for Touken Ranbu Pocket app version 1.2.22.
  • System maintenance.


  • Mission fraction display bug has been fixed.
  • Formation page error bug has been fixed.
  • The [Return] button on PVP page bug has been fixed.
  • The bug on Touken Danshi's display during Kebiishi appearance has been fixed.
  • New update for Touken Ranbu Pocket app version 1.2.21.


170905 KenshinDebut
  • Limited-time smithing event featuring Kenshin Kagemitsu has started.
  • Resource and Ofuda sets are now available for sale at the Shop.
  • War Training Expansion 9 has begun.
  • New Saniwa Support Campaign Part 3: Expedition Campaign has begun.
  • The UI has been updated. Changes are as follows:
    • Players can now drag and drop to rearrange swords and parties in the Formation menu.
    • Continue or Return to Citadel screen now shows the map so the player can determine their current location.
    • Changed team selection button style on all Front Line modes.
    • Smithing and Armory now remember the last recipe used.
    • Pop-out menu on main citadel screen now shows which expedition a team is on in addition to the time remaining.
    • PVP messages can now be hidden.
    • Missions tab UI updated to now show all rewards from each mission, not just resources.
  • Three bugs are found in Touken Ranbu Pocket and will be fixed in next maintenance.
  • Players in Bizen no Kuni (備前国) server had login issues from 17:00 to 17:16 JST. The issue has been fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience.


170829 KiwameRelease

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