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Maintenance Notice

Latest maintenance:
17 July 2018 [14:00 - 19:00] [GMT+9]

Next maintenance:

26 July 2018 [14:00 - 17:00] [GMT+9]

26 July 2018 14:00 +0900
26 July 2018 17:00 +0900

Recent Updates


  • Due to all the Touken Ranbu Pocket app updates problems, the maintenance scheduled tomorrow has been postponed until 2018/07/23 14:00-17:00 JST
  • Similarly, the Regiment Battle - Early Summer Camp 2 event has been extended until 13:59 JST 2018/07/26.
  • The implementation of the Seal Exchange Corner and revamp of the Daily Missions have been put on hold for now and the new implementation date will be informed at a further date


  • Ranbu levels will be implemented end of August.
  • Following updates will be implemented on 2018/07/24 maintenance:
  • Regarding Seal Exchange Corner:
    • After the 2018/07/24 maintenance, the Seal Exchange Corner will be implemented for a limited time.
    • 1 "Exchange Seal" will be given from completing 5 Daily Missions every day from 2018/07/24 to 2018/08/14.
    • Exchange the "Exchange Seals" for sword or items of your choice in the Seal Exchange Corner.
    • The implementation period of Seal Exchange Corner is until the maintenance on 2018/09/04.

More details will be announced at the time of implementation.


180717 KasenKiwame


  • Emergency maintenance completed from 14:05 to 16:30 JST.
  • "100000" and "300000" error codes have been resolved.
  • As an apology, the following items have been sent to all players' inboxes:
    • 500 Charcoal, 500 Coolant, 500 Whetstone, 500 Steel
    • Koban Box (S) x1, Koban Box (L) x1
    • Triple Cage x1
      • Items must be received by August 14, 2018 at 23:59 JST.
      • Limited to once per account.


180710 Background01
180710 Background02
180710 Harvest01
180710 Harvest02
180710 Sale
  • Bug Fix: Amendment of smithing time for Nagasone Kotetsu and Kenshin Kagemitsu
  • Implementation of the "Solar Term" background series.
  • Exchange the "Solar Term: Autumn's Beginning - Sunflower" background by collecting harvest items from fall.
  • Seasonal harvest items can be obtained as follows:-
  • The seasonal harvest items may also be exchanged for White Konpeito (根兵糖) until the maintenance on 2018/10/16
  • White Konpeito is a new item that grants 500 exp points to the sword it is used on. It is can be obtained rarely during sparring in Internal Affairs, or exchanged using season-based harvest items.
    • It cannot be used on Lvl 99 swords.
  • Implementation of new elements to Internal Affairs. Upon completion of Internal Affairs, it is possible to obtain the following items:-
    • Fieldwork - Vegetables
    • Horsekeeping - Compost
    • Sparring - White Konpeito (rarely)
  • It is possible to obtain 1-2 vegetables after Fieldwork. Using Compost obtained from Horsekeeping may increase the amount of vegetables obtained.
  • Special Fertilizer can be bought from the Shop once a day. Using it will guarantee harvest of 3 or more vegetables from Fieldwork. It will be usable until the maintenance on 2018/10/09.
  • For more details on the new features, check the Solar Term: Autumn's Beginning page.


180703 IncreaseForging
180703 MapDropsChange


180628 RegimentBattle
180628 KashuuKiwame


Upcoming Content

July to August 2018 schedule

180717 JulyAugustSchedule
  • end of July
    • New Kiwame sword (Kasen Kanesada)
  • August
    • New event introduced (Postponed)
    • Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation 4 (featuring Nansen Ichimonji as reward)
    • New Kiwame sword
    • Village of Treasures ~Instrument Gathering Stage 9~ (New Sword!) (New BGM - Honebami, Monoyoshi, Namazuo)
    • New levels - Ranbu (乱舞)
    • New Refinery system - Shuugou (習合)

The previously announced new event, as well as the implementation of a new Touken Danshi in Village of Treasures have been postponed because of unforeseeable circumstances. We deeply apologize about this matter. At present, the development is still underway and we will announce the actual implementation date in the future.

End of August 2018

180703 Ranbuteaser
  • Implementation of new Ranbu (乱舞) levels
    • Ranbu levels are a separate system that is different from the normal sword levels which is increased through Shuugou (習合) (Training).
    • Increasing Ranbu levels will unlock new lines and etc that will uncover a new side of the swords.
    • Shuugou will be implemented along with the Ranbu levels. Training works by combining multiple same swords and is accessed at the Refinery panel.
    • More details will be released at a later date.

From April through August 2018:

040318 KiwameStarterTeaser
  • A new starter Uchigatana Kiwame will be teased every month!

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