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December 31

  • As the month of January will be Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-'s second anniversary, we have various things planned to help celebrate!
  • [Campaign 1] Best wishes for the new year! Log in for three (3) days from January 1st to January 7th to receive various "useful objects"!
    • Campaign period: 2017/01/01 ~ 2017/01/07
    • Presents will be sent to your inbox. You will have 30 days to claim them before they expire.
  • [Campaign 2] Ebisu's Treasure Bag Sale! We're having a limited-time sale on Ebisu's Treasure Bags, packed with lots of goodies at great prices! Three (3) types of Ebisu's Tresure Bags will be on sale: Pine, Bamboo, and Plum. Please check the Shop page for more details.
    • Sales Period: 2017/01/01 - 2017/01/17
  • [Campaign 3] Fortune slips! You will be able to pull a fortune slip once a day when you log into Touken Ranbu from January 2nd to January 13th!
    • Campaign period: 2017/01/02 ~ 2017/01/13
  • [Touken Ranbu Second Anniversary] Thanks to our players, Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- will be celebrating its second anniversary on January 14th, 2017! As special thanks, be sure to log in between January 14th and January 28th to receive the commemoration items.
    • Campaign period: 2017/01/14 ~ 2017/01/28
  • [Second Anniversary of Saniwa's Inauguration] The saniwa's first day playing Touken Ranbu should be celebrated as well, so we have gifts prepared for that as well! By logging in in the span of three (3) days after your game start date, you'll be able to claim your Second Saniwa Anniversary Commemoration gifts.
    • Active period: Up to three days after your account's start date

Further details will be posted on DMM Games Official Community.

December 27

  • The Internal Affairs Half Time campaign has begun.
  • The snow effect has been disabled on the event results screen.
  • The "Win 700 Regiment Battles" mission has erroneously been awarding 2 Gold Light Infantry and 2 Gold Archers. This has been corrected to 1 Gold Light Infantry and 1 Gold Archer.
  • Corrected an error that occured when Ookanehira's duel line was played.
  • We have sent all players items as an apology for the recent access issues.
    • 3000 Koban, 3 Double Boxes, 3 Army Provisions
    • Please claim your items by 2017/01/10 at 23:59 JST (GMT-9).

December 22

  • Touken Ranbu Pocket era selection and citadel line bugs have been fixed.
  • All players have been sent 1000 Koban and 3 Double Boxes as an apology for the inconvenience. These can be claimed until 2017/01/05 at 23:59 JST (GMT-9).

December 21

  • Due to lag issues, the snow effect in the Regiment Battle event has been removed starting from 5PM JST. Snow during the results screen will be disabled as well in the upcoming maintenance.
  • Touken Ranbu Pocket: some issues regarding era selection screens are currently being investigated.

December 20

  • The Regiment Battle event has been implemented. Please refer to the event page for details.
  • Kogarasumaru's rarity has been adjusted from 4 to 5, which was the original designation.
  • Touken Ranbu Pocket has been updated to version 1.1.9. Bugs fixed are:
    • The app not starting properly (Android).
    • The citadel lines not playing when the attendant is tapped.

December 15

December 1

  • The below listed bugs for Touken Ranbu Pocket has been fixed:
    • Not being able to enter battle with team of less than 5 swords
    • The correct stats increase for refinery not showing
    • The status of opponent swords in PVP not showing correctly
    • The status of swords in internal affairs not showing correctly
    • The amount of instruments collected in players inventory in shop not showing at all
  • The instruments collected from the Village of Treasures - Instrument Gathering Stage event will be retained even after the event is over. It will be possible to use the remaining instruments and instruments obtained in future events to exchange for other Attendant Sword Music.
  • Please note that it is possible to hear a preview of the Attendant Sword Music at the Backgrounds > Obtain Music panel, so please make your choices after reviewing them. The preview and trading of Sword Attendant Music are currently not available on Touken Ranbu Pocket but will be implemented soon.


November 24

  • Implementation of the Village of Treasures - Instrument Gathering Stage event.
    • This event is only implemented on the PC version of Touken Ranbu. The app version of the event will arrive in January 2017. Check the event page for details.
  • Implementation of the Changing Citadel BGM function to allow changing of the default BGM to the "Attendant Sword Music!".
    • Instructions on how to obtain the "Attendant Sword Music" may be found in the event page.
  • Update for Touken Ranbu Pocket. Bug fixes are:
    • Display issues with increased stats in the Refinery menu
    • Bug featuring the 'In repairs' icon being shown on PvP opponents
    • The 'Medium damage' icon not being shown in Internal affairs
    • Musical instruments not being shown in the inventory

November 21

  • The Limited Time Smithing Campaign has ended.
  • The "Fuji Ofuda Set of 3", "Fuji Ofuda Set of 15", and "10k Resources Set" are no longer sold at the Shop.

November 18

  • The Limited Time Smithing Campaign has begun, during which new sword Kogarasumaru is smithable until the 21st of November. There is no limit of how many Kogarasumaru that can be smithed per account.
  • "Fuji Ofuda Set of 3", "Fuji Ofuda Set of 15", and "10k Resources Set" is now being sold at the Shop.
  • System maintenance.

November 17

As an apology for the 2016/11/18 maintenance (rather than a Tuesday maintenance), all players will receive two Fuji Ofuda in their mailboxes. Please log in by 2016/12/02 to accept your rewards from the inbox.

From mid-November to January 2017, enjoy three upcoming campaigns and events:

  1. Kogarasumaru Limited-Time Smithing Campaign: From 2016/11/18 to 2016/11/21. Seize the opportunity to smith Kogarasumaru!
  2. Village of Treasures - Instrument Gathering Stage : From 2016/11/24 to 2016/12/15. Gather up musical instruments and obtain "Attendant Sword Music!" Each starter sword will have their own new BGM! Kogarasumaru will also be available as a reward.
  3. Regiment Battle: Starting from mid-December. Oodenta Mitsuyo, Sohayanotsurugi, and a new sword will be available as rewards!

Village of Treasures: Collecting Musical Instruments Stage will only be available on the PC version of Touken Ranbu from 2016/11/24 to 2016/12/15. Touken Ranbu Pocket will be running the event in late January 2017.

November 12

November 8


  • Conditions for battle rankings has been adjusted. It is now easier to obtain A and B rankings in battle.

November 1

  • The sale for the Osaka Castle Front Lines Pack and 10000 Resource Sets has been reset and everyone can buy one once.


October 25

  • The sale for the Osaka Castle Front Lines Pack and 10000 Resource Sets has been reset and everyone can buy one once.

October 18

October 17

  • A new sword will be implemented. The date of implementation for Houchou Toushirou will be informed in due time.

October 14

October 13

October 11

October 4


September 27

  • Implementation of the Support Konnosuke in the Mascot Grand Prix Campaign
    • Drop rate at boss node for some rare swords has been doubled.
    • Experience points received by swords is doubled.
    • For more details on the campaign, please check here.
  • The sale for the War Training Expansion Pack has been reset and everyone can buy one once.
  • The bug for the mission completion line has been fixed.

September 23

  • Since Konnosuke has managed to reach rank 3 in the Commercial Ranking of the Mascot Grant Prix, the following rewards will be implemented:
  • From 27th September 2016 until 1st November 2016:
    • Experience points gained for all swords will be doubled
    • The drop rate for some rare swords will be doubled.
      • The specific swords that will receive the double drop rate will be announced on 27th September 2016.
  • During early October:
    • Time for repairs will be 0.
    • One set of Kiwame items.
      • The exact implementation time will be announced once it is decided.

September 20

September 18

  • The silhouette of a new kiwame sword has been revealed.
  • The holding of the "Support Konnosuke in the Mascot Grand Prix Campaign" has been revealed in the TGS2016 Touken Ranbu Online Stage.
    • The Campaign will start from 27th September 2016 until 1st November 2016.
    • The drop rate for the rare swords at the boss node will be doubled (2x) during the Campaign.
    • Depending on Konnosuke's Commercial Ranking, the following may be implemented:-
      • Within top 10: Double (2x) Exp for all swords
      • Within top 5: Zero (0) repair time
      • Within top 3: One (1) set of Kiwame items
    • "Everyday Garden: Konnosuke" background will be rewarded upon entering the final voting stage.

September 14

  • Implementation of two new Kiwame swords: Sayo Samonji and Akita Toushirou
  • Readjustments made to some of Sohayanotsurugi's lines
  • Updated the Touken Ranbu Pocket App Smart Phones Compatibility List.
  • As an apology for the emergency maintenance, compensation of five (5) gold shieldmen and five (5) gold musketeers will be given out to all players.
    • The last day to receive the troops is by 23:59 JST, 28th September 2016.

September 13

  • [18:30JST] With regards to the implementation of Kiwame:-
    • With regards to the in-game notice of the implementation of the new kiwame swords, it is pending examination with the Touken Ranbu Pocket App. Once the App examination is completed, an emergency maintenance is scheduled to implement it. The specific dates will be released once everything is finalized.

September 6

  • The Equipment Creation campaign end date has been changed from 14:00 JST (GMT+9) 2016/09/06 to 14:00 JST (GMT+9) 2016/09/13.

September 1

  • Due to bugs in our testing system, the implementation of the new Kiwame swords announced earlier this week has been delayed. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience, and we will announce the new implementation date as soon as it is confirmed.


August 30

  • [19:00JST] We have corrected a visual bug on the PC version of the game in which experience points earned at the battle results screen were not being shown.
  • The Equipment Creation campaign has begun.
  • The Repair Half Resource campaign has ended.
  • The limited-time 15 Fuji Ofuda sale at the Shop has ended.

August 23

August 16

  • To commemorate Touken Ranbu Pocket being downloaded 1.5m times, a special smithing campaign has been implemented for a limited time. Until August 23 2PM JST, new swords Sohayanotsurugi and Oodenta Mitsuyo are debuting in advance!
    • During the campaign, there are no limits to how many Sohayanotsurugi and Oodenta Mitsuyo can be smithed.
  • The kiwame item sets (x3) for reaching the Retweet Campaign goals have been released. All players logging in until August 23 2PM JST may claim them in their inbox.
    • The items will expire after 30 days (if unclaimed in the inbox).
  • A new OP movie has been released.
    • This movie may not be skipped when playing for the first time. After the first viewing, it may be skipped by clicking.
    • Please be aware of the sound volume as the movie has music in it.
  • Four new Recollections have been added.
  • App update
  • System maintenance

August 9

  • The Underground Treasure Chest 5 event has ended.
  • The sale for Osaka Castle Frontlines Pack, 4 Fuji Ofuda Pack and 20 Help Token Pack has ended.
  • The maximum number of sword slots possible has been increased from 220 to 300.
  • The maximum number of troop slots possible has been increased from 400 to 500.
  • The Limited-Time Smithing Event sale has started at the Shop.
    • Purchase 15 Fuji Ofudas for a first-time discount of 4500DMMP. Afterwards, the set will cost 6750DMMP (discounted from 7500DMMP).
  • Touken Ranbu Pocket has updated to version 1.0.15.

August 5

  • Commemoration for reaching 1,500,000 downloads for Touken Ranbu Pocket!
    • There will be a limited-time smithing campaign for the new sword Sohayanotsurugi following the maintenance on 2016/08/16 until 13:59 JST on 2016/08/23.
    • Additionally, there will be a Twitter retweet campaign from 17:00 JST on 2016/08/05 until 23:59 JST on 2016/08/12. A complete set of 3 Kiwame items will be given out at 32,400, 64,800 and 97,200 retweets, for a total of 9 items. Should we reach over 100,000 retweets, a new sword will be released along with Sohayanotsurugi!
      • The Retweet Campaign tweet [1] that users can retweet has been released at 17:00 JST on 2016/08/05.
      • 100,000 retweets have been achieved as of 17:42 JST. The new sword to be released is Oodenta Mitsuyo. He will be available as a limited time smithable sword alongside with Sohayanotsurugi.

August 2

  • The Osaka Castle Frontlines Pack first time purchase discount has been reset.


July 26

July 19

July 12

  • The maps and First Clear bonuses for War Training Expansion 4 has been reset. Players will have to start again from Stage 1.
  • The First Purchase discount for the War Expansion Packs at the Shop have been reset.

July 5


June 28

  • Limited-time item packages are now on sale at the Shop
  • Other new items have been added to the Shop
  • The Repair Campaign has ended
  • Touken Ranbu Pocket update
  • System maintenance

June 23

June 14

  • System maintenance.
  • The Underground Treasure Chest - Easy 2 and Equipment Creation campaign has ended.
  • Implementation of Imanotsurugi (Kiwame).
  • Readjustments made on the rate of reaching boss node in Memory of Ikedaya: Kyoto (Within the City) (京都・市中) and Memory of Ikedaya: Sanjo Bridge (三条大橋) and drop rate of Akashi Kuniyuki.
    • It has been adjusted so that a team that consists of 5 or more Tantou will have a higher chance of reaching the boss node in Memory of Ikedaya: Kyoto (Within the City) (京都・市中) and Memory of Ikedaya: Sanjo Bridge (三条大橋).
  • The description text of some Missions and the Gramophone has been amended.

June 8

  • The issues with regards to the Mino server has been resolved.
  • There are currently connectivity issues with regards to the Mino server.
  • Please wait patiently for the restoration to be completed.
  • Touken Staff apologizes for the inconvenience.

June 7

  • Underground Treasure Chest - Easy 2 has been reset. A Travel Kit will be available as the first-time clear reward from the 40th floor.
  • The initial purchase discount for the Osaka Sortie Pack is now available again.
  • There is a special sale on a set containing 4 Fuji Ofuda and another set containing 20 Help Tokens.
    • 4 Fuji Ofuda (originally 2000DMMP) -> 1400DMMP
    • 20 Help Tokens (originally 1200DMMP) -> 750DMMP
  • The Equipment Creation campaign has begun.
  • There was a bug from 2016/05/30 (16:00JST) ~ 2016/05/31 (18:40JST) in which the Missions menu and the Inbox could not be displayed. We apologize for the inconvenience and have distributed resources to all players as an apology.
    • 4 Request Tokens
    • 6 Help Tokens
    • 1430 Charcoal
    • 1700 Steel
    • 1630 Coolant
    • 1490 Whetstone
    • Claim period: 2016/06/07 ~ 2016/06/21 (23:59JST)


May 31

May 24

  • System maintenance
  • Touken Ranbu Pocket app update
  • Underground Treasure Chest - Easy 2 has been implemented
  • Backgrounds 'Rainy Season - Rain' and 'Rainy Season - After the Rain' have been added
  • Battle balancing
    • The following changes have been applied to maps 1-1 to 6-4, PvP, and Kebiishi:
      • Yari and naginata now deal more damage (enemies too)
      • Troops now take less damage

May 18

  • With regards to the update yesterday on which implemented the battle balance, certain deficiencies in the data has had some unexpected impact beyond the estimated scope. The TKRB Staff apologizes for the inconvenience caused.
  • Now, with regards to the battle balance between the Swords and the enemies in Memory of the Meiji Restoration until Memory of Ikedaya, readjustments are being done.
  • Implementation date will be informed once it is confirmed.

May 17

[Gameplay Tweaks]

  • Battle balance - The effect of low level swords/enemies against high level swords/enemies have been strengthened.


  • A bug where the game freezes during Internal Affairs scenes has been found. Please be patient while it's being fixed.

[Touken Ranbu Pocket]

  • Touken Pocket v.1.0.7 has been released. Please note that it is a large download. Also, accessing PlayStore and AppStore is necessary for this update as the app's update screen will freeze.

May 13

  • A total of 4,574,830 yen has been collected from the Kumamoto Earthquake Campaign.
  • The sum has been sent to disaster area via the Japanese Red Cross.

May 10

  • The Kumamoto Earthquake Campaign has ended.
  • Your kind assistance was much appreciated.
  • Details of the sales will be announced after they are calculated.

May 1

160502 kumamotoearthquakecampaign
  • Touken Ranbu will be providing assistance to reconstruction of the aftermath of the Kumamoto Earthquake. All the proceeds made from the Makunouchi Bento sold within 2016/05/02 0:00 JST until 2016/05/09 23.59 JST will be donated to the disaster area.
  • Please check the Kumamoto Earthquake Campaign for more details. Your kind assistance is much appreciated.


April 26

April 19

April 12

  • The Underground Treasure Chest 4 event has been implemented. Please refer to the event page for details.
    • The new toudan Shinano Toushirou has been implemented. He is guaranteed to drop if the event requirements are met.
  • The Osaka Castle Front Lines Pack and Smithing Support Pack are now available on sale in the Shop.

April 9

  • There will be a DMM site maintenance on April 13 from 5:00-8:00 JST (GMT-9). During this time, you will not be able to log in.
    • Touken Ranbu Pocket app will still be playable during this time.

April 5

  • Hakata Toushirou is now craftable until April 26. He will play an active role in the upcoming Underground Treasure Chest event, so please take this chance to obtain him.
  • Nihongou and Akashi Kuniyuki's drop rates have been raised. The Memory of Ikedaya maps are advantageous to tantou and wakizashi.


March 31

  • [Update]: New bugs have been confirmed for Touken Ranbu Pocket following the maintenance.
  1. Players are unable to press the button to forcefully recall their Expeditions before the timer is up.
  2. Situations can arise in which dialogue is interrupted or stops.
  • These issues are currently under investigation, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Due to the extended maintenance, we have extended the period to claim Mikazuki Munechika and Kogitsunemaru from the Preregistration campaign until 2016/04/04.
  • Some Touken Ranbu Pocket issues have been fixed.
  • As an apology for the inconvenience, the following compensation has been given to players:
2000 of each resource
5 Request tokens
5 Help tokens
1 Makunouchi bento

March 29

March 22

  • The Thank you! 1 Million Downloads Campaign has ended.
  • The Saniwa Support Pack have been removed from the Shop.
  • The following daily Missions will no longer yield double rewards:
    • K1 Send your team out to the Front Lines, and obtain at least a "C" Victory.
    • L1 Practice with 3 other players' troops.
    • M1 Succeed in 3 expeditions within the day.
    • O1 Create troops (failures are counted) 1 time.
    • P1 Forge 1 sword.

March 18

  • The Thank you! 1 Million Downloads Campaign has been implemented.
  • Juzumaru Tsunetsugu has been added to the list of forgeable swords. He can be forged with regular tachi recipes, in addition to a special campaign recipe.
    • Note that Juzumaru Tsunetsugu is limited to ONE PER ACCOUNT. If you break or dismantle him you will not be able to forge another one.
  • The Saniwa Support Pack is now on sale at the Shop
  • The following daily Missions will yield double rewards:
    • K1 Send your team out to the Front Lines, and obtain at least a "C" Victory.
    • L1 Practice with 3 other players' troops.
    • M1 Succeed in 3 expeditions within the day.
    • O1 Create troops (failures are counted) 1 time.
    • P1 Forge 1 sword.
  • Some changes were made to the Sword List
  • A new recollection featuring Juzumaru Tsunetsugu and Yamabushi Kunihiro has been added

March 15

  • Urashima Kotetsu and Nagasone Kotetsu will be available from smithing.
  • Five Request Tokens and five Help Tokens are sent to all players' inboxes as an apology for the inconvenience for the emergency maintenance on 2016/03/04. Please remember to claim them from the inbox.
  • Higekiri and Hizamaru are now available as drops from Kebiishi.
  • The Front Lines Support Pack and Smithing Support Pack are now available on sale in the Shop.
  • The Equipment Creation campaign has ended.
  • The Repair campaign has started. The repair times will be halved, but amount of resources used will still remain the same.

March 10

March 4

  • Some bugs have been corrected for the Touken Ranbu Pocket app.
  • As an apology for the inconvenience, five Request Tokens and five Help Tokens will be sent to all players' inboxes during the next maintenance.
  • Two new servers have been added: Suou no Kuni「周防国」and Buzen no Kuni「豊前国」. Please check the front page server list or Servers for the latest updates on server availability.

March 3

March 1


February 29

  • The War Training Expansion 2 has ended.
  • The Equipment Creation campaign has started.
  • System maintenance in preparation for the release of Touken Ranbu Pocket.
  • Five new servers have been added: Iwami no Kuni「石見国」, Houki no Kuni「伯耆国」, Ecchuu no Kuni「越中国」, Higo no Kuni「肥後国」, and Kaga no Kuni「加賀国」

February 23

February 16

February 10

  • [Update to the Preregistration Campaign] E-mail preregistration is now open. Select your intended OS, fill in your e-mail address twice, then check the box agreeing to receive info from at this address (This step is required!) If you see a new page with your e-mail address, you have successfully preregistered with that e-mail address.

February 9

  • The Winter (Night) Garden Decorative Shoji background has been added to the Backgrounds shop. The Winter (Night) Snow-Viewing Shoji background that was available as a reward from the Regiment Battle event is now available for purchase using Koban.
    • Winter (Night) Garden Decorative Shoji Background: A two-set background that features different ambient lighting effects and a stylish shoji. Take a moment and enjoy the quiet winter night, a 180-degree change from the usual, open citadel.
  • If you've already obtained the Snow-Viewing Shoji background from Regiment Battle, this background will not be available for purchase using Koban.
    • If the Snow-Viewing Shoji background reward is still in your inbox, it is possible to purchase the background erroneously from the shop using Koban. Since it is not possible to have duplicate backgrounds, please confirm that you have already received your reward from the inbox.
    • If you do make this mistake, please contact customer support.

February 8

February 2

  • The Halved Repair Time Campaign has been implemented.
    • Repair times for swords will be halved from Feb 2 to Feb 16 14:00.
    • The ending date may be subject to change.
  • There are 4 new Objective missions:
    • Clear Kyoto (City)
    • Clear Kyoto (Sanjou Bridge)
    • Clear Kyoto (Ikedaya 2F)
    • Clear Kyoto (Ikedaya 1F)
  • The new missions will be assumed completed for players who have already fulfilled the requirements. Clear the boss node at any map (1-1 counts) to claim the rewards.
  • The Underground Treasure Chest - Easy event has ended.
  • System maintenance.


January 26

  • System maintenance
  • The Underground Treasure Chest - Easy event has been implemented. The aim is to beat 20 floors, and on the way there will be rewards such as koban and resources.

January 22

  • Hakata Toushirou is now smithable until 2nd February 2016.
    • Bringing him along to the Underground Treasure Chest Event - Easy that will be implemented soon will make you receive 50% more koban, so please use this opportunity to obtain him.
  • Server space has been expanded on the Yamashiro no Kuni and Yamato no Kuni (山城国 and 大和国) servers.
  • Some sound issues where the clip plays repeatedly have been fixed. Players affected by the bug should clear their browser's cache.
  • Display issues with Hizamaru's pre-ranked up sprite showing during scouting have been fixed.

January 18

January 14

  • Two Campaigns have been implemented:
    • Touken Ranbu First Anniversary Commemoration has begun on 2016/01/14 and will last until 2016/01/28 23:59 JST (GMT+9)
    • Celebration of Saniwa Inauguration First Year Anniversary Campaign begins and ends differently according to your registration date. Please check the Campaigns page for more details.

January 13

  • The Ebisu's Treasure Bags sale has ended.
  • The current smithing campaign has ended.
  • The maximum Saniwa level has been raised from 99 to 300. Saniwas who have reached Lv. 99 previously will have all of their extra accumulated experience points added to bring them to the appropriate level.
    • Note: You may have to gain Saniwa experience before the accumulated experience points are added (ex. Complete one node of a sortie, gain experience from a returning Expedition, etc.)
  • As an apology for the display error that occurred on 2016/01/01, which caused the game to display the incorrect amount of Otoshidama gained, 1000 Koban have been issued to all players who participated in the Regiment Battle event at least once before 2016/01/01, 04:00 JST (GMT+9).
  • As an apology for Regiment Battle being unavailable on 2016/01/12 at 14:00 JST (GMT+9), 1000 Koban have been issued to all players who participated in the Regiment Battle event at least once before 2016/01/12, 14:30 JST (GMT+9).
  • The Battle Records have been modified to display how many types of Horses the user owns, rather than how many Horses they own overall.

January 12

  • With regards to the error encountered while playing the Regiment Battle event at 14:00 JST, it has been fixed as of 14:30 JST and can now be played.
  • We apologize for the interruption in play. For the players whose Regiment Battle event was interrupted, there will be a compensation of 1000 koban granted after the maintenance on 01/13. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience caused.

January 8

  • A bug in which a team's fatigued icons will persist even after using consumable items has been found. However, this problem lies only in the display, the Touken Danshi's actual fatigue values are restored as they should be. The source is still being tracked. Meanwhile to circumvent this, try going to the citadel screen and open the formation screen again to see whether the icons have disappeared.

January 5

  • A wrong information has been announced at the beginning of the ongoing event Regiment Battle. In the announcement, it was said that you will receive half of the beads should your team get defeated in the battle. However, in reality it's supposed to be only a small fraction, not half.
  • The developers apologize for the difficulties to access the game at 1st January 00:00 JST. The cause is still being investigated and will be announced later on the in-game announcement and twitter.
  • During your Saniwa Inauguration Anniversary, besides the gifts from the developers, it seems the Touken Danshi is also planning for something. Make sure to drop by your citadel on that day!

January 4

  • As part of the New Years campaign until 2016/01/13, Ebisu's Treasure Bag (Small) and Ebisu's Treasure Bag (Large) can now be purchased at the Shop. Please refer to the Event/Campaign page for details.
  • During this period, Urashima Kotetsu, Nagasone Kotetsu, Akashi Kuniyuki, and Nihongou are smithable. (Help us contribute by posting your smithing results here!)
  • As an apology for the December 30th maintenance, players who have participated in the Regiment Battle event until 14:00 will receive 1000 koban.
  • Special backgrounds obtained with wrong serial codes on January 1st have now been removed from player inventories.
  • A display error with Hizamaru's Awakening sprite has now been fixed.

January 3

  • Serial code for [1 Makunouchi Bento and 2016 Koban]: TYKQ7-HJYWQ-NM45P-FGWJF
    • Input this in the serial code form located just under the game's window. Make sure to select "2016年1月3日贈品" for this serial code, valid until 2016/01/07.
    • The present will be sent to your inbox.

January 2

  • Serial code for [New Year's Writing Decorative Background]: LD7B2-94HLU-FSHKE-5AS22
    • Input this in the serial code form located just under the game's window. Make sure to select "2016年1月2日贈品" for this serial code, valid until 2016/01/07.
    • The present will be sent to your inbox.

January 1

  • Happy New Year from Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-!
  • Serial code for [Year of the Monkey Decorative Background]: 9TEND-C2SQ2-GZGLM-XBKFY
    • Input this in the serial code form located just under the game's window. Make sure to select "2016年1月1日贈品" for this serial code, valid until 2016/01/07.
    • The present will be sent to your inbox.
  • Starting tomorrow, you can receive a Fortune slip once per day when you login!
  • [Update] The serial code form system is now back online. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • [Update #2] We have discovered a bug active from around 8:00AM to 11:00AM in which the serial code given out on New Year's Day was also able to redeem other backgrounds from the serial code form. All backgrounds that were mistakenly given out will be rescinded during the 2016/01/04 maintenance. To help expedite this process, please make sure your background is not set to any backgrounds that were mistakenly obtained with this bug before the maintenance begins. We apologize for the confusion.

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