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2017 Archive
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March 24

  • An emergency maintenance was conducted from 11:00 - 12:00 JST.
  • Compensation have been distributed.
    • The items will expire after 18 days (April 11 2017 13:59) if unclaimed in the inbox.

March 23

  • The following bug has occured during the "Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation" event in the PC version:
    • The bug an enemy unit that does not appear originally has appeared between 13:40 - 15:00 on Thursday, March 23rd.
  • This bug was fixed at 15:00 JST on Thursday March 23rd.
  • As an apology for the inconvenience, the following compensation will be given to all players on March 24th:
    • Investigation Tool Set x1
    • Koban x1000

[Notice of Emergency Maintenance]

  • An emergency maintenance will be carried out for the distribution of compensation from 11:00 until 12:00 JST on Friday March 24th.

March 21

20170321 new event sengo

March 14

March 7

170307 ShopSales

March 1

170301 Pocket1stAnnivSale


February 21

170221 Undergroundsimplifiedevent3
170221 Hakatakiwame

February 2

  • The limited time smithing campaign has ended.
  • The special sales for 'Fuji Ofuda x3', 'Fuji Ofuda x15', and 'Resources x1000' have ended.
  • Push notifications for iOs have been restored.
  • The New Years background for Touken Ranbu Pocket has been fixed.


January 31

  • Implementation of the Village of Treasures - Instrument Gathering Stage 2 event. Please check the event page here for more details.
  • Implementation of the TKRB Pocket 2 Million Downloads Commemoration Smithing Campaign in which the new sword Sengo Muramasa is smithable for a limited time. Check the campaign page here for details.
  • Sale of the Special Pass and Special Pass (10) set is available in Shop. For more info on the Special Pass, check the event page here.
  • Commencing sale of Fuji Ofuda (3) set, Fuji Ofuda (15) set and All Resources (10000) set in Shop.
  • The game OP video has been updated.
  • End of the Expedition campaign.
  • Adjustments made to the graphics of Imanotsurugi Kiwame and Sayo Samonji Kiwame in the Sword Library.
  • A bug in which one encounters errors when attempting to access the Backgrounds page has been identified in the PC version of Touken Ranbu. Clearing the browser cache and refreshing the game should be able to overcome the bug.

January 24

  • The Expedition campaign has begun.
  • The TKRB 2nd Anniversary Commemoration Campaign has ended.
  • On Memory of Ikedaya: Sanjo Bridge (6-2), a bug has been corrected. The dice roll used to incorrectly display 『子』when moving from Node Q to Node S (boss), but now it correctly displays『酉』.
  • Touken Ranbu Pocket Android notifications have been re-enabled. Notifications will display when expeditions, smithing, repairs, and internal affairs are completed.
    • iOS notifications will be re-enabled at a later date.

January 17

  • Implementation of the TKRB 2nd Anniversary Commemoration Campaign.
  • The Regiment Battle 2 has ended.
  • Sale of the Regiment Battle Event items in the Shop has ended. The event items that have yet to be used will be deleted from your inventory.
  • Sale of the Ebisu Treasure Bags has ended.
  • The maximum limit for swords has been increased to 400
    • Purchase of the Swords Room Extension Worker from the Shop will increase your sword storage capacity by 10.
  • The maximum limit for troops has been increased to 600
    • Purchase of the Armory Extension Worker from the Shop will increase your armory capacity by 20.
  • New Internal Affairs interactions has been added.

January 14

  • [4:00 JST]- As informed in the Touken Ranbu ONLINE Second Anniversary Producer Talk Show, the details of the implementation of the new sword Sengo Muramasa will be released momentarily.
  • Touken Ranbu Second Anniversary Commemoration has begun on 2017/01/14 and will last until 2017/02/02 23:59 JST (GMT+9)
    • Touken Ranbu Second Anniversary background has been sent out to your inbox and will be available until February 2nd. Please remember to claim it from the inbox.
  • Celebration of Saniwa Inauguration Second Year Anniversary Campaign begins and ends differently according to your registration date. Please check the Campaigns page for more details.

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