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December 19

171219 HyuugaRelease
  • Regiment Battle 3 event has started.
  • Items specifically designed to help with the event are on sale in the Shop.
  • The new sword Hyuuga Masamune is now available as a reward from gathering a certain amount of beads.

December 13

171213 AR
  • Underground Treasure Chest event has ended.
  • Event items sale has ended.
  • Some parts of game UI have been improved.
  • Implementation of Augmented Reality Background

December 5

171205 NewKiwame
  • Doudanuki Masakuni, Ookurikara, and Nakigitsune are now available for Kiwame training.
  • Game errors have been corrected in TKRB Pocket app after maintenance.
    • Level 99 swords display is glitched and showing +EXP next to them after battles when it should be +0.
    • Incorrect "to next level" exp values displayed.
    • Incorrect levels displayed when a sword levels up.
    • Sword library freezes sometimes when trying to load a sword.


November 29

171129 UTC10-Mouri

November 21

  • Saniwa Anniversary interaction bug has been fixed (Touken Ranbu Pocket 1.2.32).
  • Compensation for extended maintenance on Nov 14th and Saniwa Anniversary interaction bug has been distributed.

November 17

  • As an apology for the extended maintenance on Nov 14th, the items listed below will be given to all players as compensation.
    • 1000 charcoal
    • 1000 steel
    • 1000 coolant
    • 1000 whestone
  • Due to connectivity problems being experienced by some users during their Saniwa Anniversaries, 3 Gramophones will be given as compensation to players affected by the bug, as below:
    • Android users who have their Saniwa Anniversary on Nov 14-15th.
    • iOS users who have their Saniwa Anniversary on Nov 14-21st.

November 14

171114 VillageOfTreasures
  • Village of Treasures - Instrument Gathering Stage 6 event has started. Tomoegata Naginata is available as event reward.
  • Event item-only item is now available on sale at Shop.
  • Some UI changes have been made:-
    • Inbox:-
      • Now shows up till 200 items.
      • Scroll over feature added.
      • Option to accept certain items or accept all added.
      • Sort and filter options added. The options will return to default mode when inbox is closed.
    • Expedition:-
      • Expedition menu has a new feature where swords not applicable for the certain expeditions will be shaded. It is still possible to send out the team for expedition, but failure will be expected.
      • The team number that has departed for expedition will be shown on the expedition menu.
    • The icon for max stats in Refinary and Internal Affairs has changed.
    • Colour changes to some in game text.
  • Event will be extended, and compensation for maintenance extension will be announced as soon as possible.


October 31

171031 UchigatanaKiwame
  • Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation 2 event has ended.
  • Implementation of Kiwame for Souza Samonji and Heshikiri Hasebe.
  • Slight amendments to Sayo Samonji and Fudou Yukimitsu's Kiwame letters.
    • Sayo's First Letter, 3rd Line: Removed "Higo" entirely.
    • Fudou's Second Letter, 2nd Line: Changed "Owari" to "Azuchi Castle".
  • System maintenance.

October 18

171018 ECII Daihannya
  • Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation 2 has begun.
    • Treasure Chest Reset Passes effect will be changed for future ECII events. Any excess Treasure Chest Reset Passes from this event will be deleted.
  • Game opening has been updated.
  • Fixed a bug in Touken Ranbu Pocket where Kiwame Uchigatana's shield animation does not play.

October 10

171010 UchigatanaKiwame
171010 ZeroRepairTimeCampaign
  • Implementation of Kiwame for Nagasone Kotetsu, Izuminokami Kanesada and Yamatonokami Yasusada
  • Commencement of 0 Repair Time Campaign
  • A Makenouchi Bento will be given out as apology for the bug on 2017/10/03 until 2017/10/06. Please login to accept the item before 2017/10/24 23:59 JST.

October 3

171003 AzukiNagamitsuSmithing
171003 UTC9-Mouri


September 19

  • New event: Delicious Dango Chasing Rabbit Village event has been implemented.
    • In this event, collect 50 One Bite Dango to complete the event mission and gain new Background - Autumn Garden: Full Moon
    • One Bite Dango is a random drop in the event map
  • New item One Bite Dango is now available in Shop.
    • New lines by the swords have been implemented when using the new item One Bite Dango on swords.
  • New update for Touken Ranbu Pocket app version 1.2.22.
  • System maintenance.

September 12

  • Mission fraction display bug has been fixed.
  • Formation page error bug has been fixed.
  • The [Return] button on PVP page bug has been fixed.
  • The bug on Touken Danshi's display during Kebiishi appearance has been fixed.
  • New update for Touken Ranbu Pocket app version 1.2.21.

September 5

170905 KenshinDebut
  • Limited-time smithing event featuring Kenshin Kagemitsu has started.
  • Resource and Ofuda sets are now available for sale at the Shop.
  • War Training Expansion 9 has begun.
  • New Saniwa Support Campaign Part 3: Expedition Campaign has begun.
  • The UI has been updated. Changes are as follows:
    • Players can now drag and drop to rearrange swords and parties in the Formation menu.
    • Continue or Return to Citadel screen now shows the map so the player can determine their current location.
    • Changed team selection button style on all Front Line modes.
    • Smithing and Armory now remember the last recipe used.
    • Pop-out menu on main citadel screen now shows which expedition a team is on in addition to the time remaining.
    • PVP messages can now be hidden.
    • Missions tab UI updated to now show all rewards from each mission, not just resources.
  • Three bugs are found in Touken Ranbu Pocket and will be fixed in next maintenance.
  • Players in Bizen no Kuni (備前国) server had login issues from 17:00 to 17:16 JST. The issue has been fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience.


August 29

170829 KiwameRelease

August 22

  • Bug fix for Investigation Tools (VOT) item in which cards rarely appeared to have different effects when the player had an unstable internet connection.
  • New update for Touken Ranbu Pocket app version 1.2.17.

August 17

  • With regards to the Investigation Tools bug, it has been identified that it happens on very rare circumstances when the internet connection is unstable.
  • It has also been noted that this bug only affects the performance of the event, and does not affect beads and instruments count.
  • Currently, corrections are being made so that it is possible to play even in unstable internet connection. Please wait patiently for the fix, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

August 16

170816 SerialSmithingCampaign
  • A limited time serial smithing campaign has been implemented.
  • Four swords will be available for smithing in a limited time consecutively starting from 2017/08/16 12:00PM JST to 2017/08/28 11:59AM JST.
  • A special resources set is on sale in the Shop.
  • The following bugs have been identified, in particular regarding the Village of Treasures event:
    • Use of the Investigation Tools has caused some cards to have effects different from the type of card drawn. Investigations are being made, and further notice will be given once it is repairable.
    • The audio lines for horsekeeping internal affairs of Horikawa Kunihiro (Kiwame) differed from the actual written lines. This bug has been fixed.

August 15

170815 VillageOfTreasuresRewards

August 8

170808 KoryuuLimitedSmithing
  • A limited time smithing event has been implemented. The new sword Koryuu Kagemitsu is available for smithing from 2017/08/08 to 2017/08/15.
  • A special resources set is on sale in the Shop.
  • New lines where Touken Danshi welcomes the Saniwa after long absence (have not logged in for a while) have been added into game.
    • For those who maintain a constant login record, it is possible to hear the special lines from the Sword Index through the use of the Gramophone. A Gramophone will be gifted to all players who have logged in since 2017/08/22.
  • Troops Creation Campaign has begun.
  • The following bugs have been identified and fixed:-
    • In Touken Ranbu Pocket, the position of Nikkari Aoe Kiwame's sprite after awakening in battle is not in alignment.
    • Some of the Wakizashi Kiwame swords are not playing special interactions in Internal Affairs that should occur when paired up with certain swords.

August 3

  • There is a bug in which Wakizashi Kiwame swords are not playing special interactions in Internal Affairs properly when paired up with certain swords. We are investigating this issue.

August 1

170801 WakizashiKiwame


July 25

170725 MouriUTCFloor50Drop
  • New update for Touken Ranbu Pocket app version 1.2.13.
  • Implementation of Kiwame for Houchou Toushirou.
  • The Underground Treasure Chest 8 event has started. The newly implemented sword Mouri Toushirou is available as a rare boss drop from Floor 50.
  • Sale of the "Osaka Castle Frontlines Pack" and "20 Help Tokens Set" in the Shop
  • Sorting of swords in Formations has been revamped.
  • The tabs in Missions has been rearranged. The order is now Daily Missions, Monthly Missions, Objective Missions, and Event Missions.
  • Fixed a bug in which the amount of resources needed to repair Taikogane Sadamune Kiwame was less than intended.
  • Game balance on Kiwame tantous will be readjusted after the next maintenance on 2017/08/01 to prevent disruption of the whole game after introducing other types of Kiwame. There will be no change to the parameters of their stats. The main changes are as follows:
    • Kiwame tantou will inflict less damage on enemies during normal and night battles.
    • Kiwame tantou will receive more damage in night battles.
  • Between 18:00 JST and 21:30 JST there was a bug wherein the preliminary readjustments of the Kiwame tantou were already applied.
  • As compensation for the bug the following will be distributed to all players:-
    • 10 Help tokens
    • 2000 Steel
    • 2000 Charcoal
    • 2000 Coolant
    • 2000 Whetstone
  • Release of new Kiwame teaser.
  • A bug in the Touken Ranbu Pocket has been identified where the progress of the event missions where not correctly reflected. Investigations are underway.
  • As of 21:30 JST, several bugs have been identified after the maintenance:
    • PC version only: sorting of swords based on date obtained at Formations
    • Pocket version only: Event missions not showing correctly.
  • The above bugs are fixed.

July 18

July 4

170704 LimitedTimeSmith
170704 TaikoganeKiwameRelease


June 27

170727 kiwameteaser

June 23

170623 KatsugekiLoginBonus
  • To commemorate Katsugeki Touken Ranbu anime release, there will be a Login Present for players who log into the game from July 1st, 12:00 AM JST onwards.
    • The Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Commemoration Campaign period will be from July 1st 12:00AM to September 29th 13:59PM JST.

June 13

170613 VillageOfTreasures

June 9

  • Shinano Toushirou's Kiwame Design changes will be implemented in the upcoming maintenance on June 13th.

June 2

  • Internal Affairs and Regiment Battle event bugs have been fixed.
  • As an apology for the emergency maintenance, compensation of 2 Triple Cages will be given out to all players.
    • The last day to receive the items is by 12:59 JST, 13th June 2017.


May 30

170530 RegimentBattle2
170530 RegimentBattleRewards
170530 HotarumaruBonus
170530 RegimentBattleSales
  • Implementation of the Regiment Battle - Early Summer Camp Event.
  • Three items designed to help in this event: Army Provision, Triple Cage, and Baton are sold in the Shop.
  • Attendant BGM musics now also play in several places other than the citadel screen.
  • Swords with light injury have their HP bars in yellow instead of green.
  • The degree of completion for missions are now shown in fractions rather than percentages.
  • The layout in Fudou Yukimitsu's kiwame letters have been adjusted.
  • +1 Internal Affairs Campaign has ended.

May 23

170523 +1 IA Campaign
170523 Half Resources Campaign
  • Implementation of the +1 Internal Affairs Campaign.
  • Implementation of Half Resources Repair Campaign.
  • The War Training Expansion 7 Event has ended.

May 9

170509 WTE7
170509 FudouKiwame
  • Implementation of the War Training Expansion 7 event.
  • Sale of the "War Training Expansion Pack" and "20 Help Tokens Pack" in the Shop.
  • Implementation of the War Training Expansion 7 2x EXP Campaign.
  • Implementation of Kiwame for Fudou Yukimitsu.
  • The Underground Treasure Chest 7 has ended.
  • The sale of the "Osaka Castle Frontline Pack" and "20 Help Tokens Pack" has ended.
  • Halved Repair Time Campaign has ended.

May 1

  • After previous reports that Shinano Toushirou's Kiwame armor design did not have any relevance to his history, the developer Nitroplus has decided to alter his design. More information will be released soon.


April 25

170425 UndergroundEvent7
170425 shinano kiwame

April 14

  • An emergency maintenance was conducted from 15:00 - 16:00 JST to fix bugs.

April 11


March 24

  • An emergency maintenance was conducted from 11:00 - 12:00 JST.
  • Compensation have been distributed.
    • The items will expire after 18 days (April 11 2017 13:59) if unclaimed in the inbox.

March 23

  • The following bug has occured during the "Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation" event in the PC version:
    • The bug an enemy unit that does not appear originally has appeared between 13:40 - 15:00 on Thursday, March 23rd.
  • This bug was fixed at 15:00 JST on Thursday March 23rd.
  • As an apology for the inconvenience, the following compensation will be given to all players on March 24th:
    • Investigation Tool Set x1
    • Koban x1000

[Notice of Emergency Maintenance]

  • An emergency maintenance will be carried out for the distribution of compensation from 11:00 until 12:00 JST on Friday March 24th.

March 21

170321 new event sengo

March 14

March 7

170307 ShopSales

March 1

170301 Pocket1stAnnivSale


February 21

170221 Undergroundsimplifiedevent3
170221 Hakatakiwame

February 2

  • The limited time smithing campaign has ended.
  • The special sales for 'Fuji Ofuda x3', 'Fuji Ofuda x15', and 'Resources x1000' have ended.
  • Push notifications for iOs have been restored.
  • The New Years background for Touken Ranbu Pocket has been fixed.


January 31

  • Implementation of the Village of Treasures - Instrument Gathering Stage 2 event. Please check the event page here for more details.
  • Implementation of the TKRB Pocket 2 Million Downloads Commemoration Smithing Campaign in which the new sword Sengo Muramasa is smithable for a limited time. Check the campaign page here for details.
  • Sale of the Special Pass and Special Pass (10) set is available in Shop. For more info on the Special Pass, check the event page here.
  • Commencing sale of Fuji Ofuda (3) set, Fuji Ofuda (15) set and All Resources (10000) set in Shop.
  • The game OP video has been updated.
  • End of the Expedition campaign.
  • Adjustments made to the graphics of Imanotsurugi Kiwame and Sayo Samonji Kiwame in the Sword Library.
  • A bug in which one encounters errors when attempting to access the Backgrounds page has been identified in the PC version of Touken Ranbu. Clearing the browser cache and refreshing the game should be able to overcome the bug.

January 24

  • The Expedition campaign has begun.
  • The TKRB 2nd Anniversary Commemoration Campaign has ended.
  • On Memory of Ikedaya: Sanjo Bridge (6-2), a bug has been corrected. The dice roll used to incorrectly display 『子』when moving from Node Q to Node S (boss), but now it correctly displays『酉』.
  • Touken Ranbu Pocket Android notifications have been re-enabled. Notifications will display when expeditions, smithing, repairs, and internal affairs are completed.
    • iOS notifications will be re-enabled at a later date.

January 17

  • Implementation of the TKRB 2nd Anniversary Commemoration Campaign.
  • The Regiment Battle 2 has ended.
  • Sale of the Regiment Battle Event items in the Shop has ended. The event items that have yet to be used will be deleted from your inventory.
  • Sale of the Ebisu Treasure Bags has ended.
  • The maximum limit for swords has been increased to 400
    • Purchase of the Swords Room Extension Worker from the Shop will increase your sword storage capacity by 10.
  • The maximum limit for troops has been increased to 600
    • Purchase of the Armory Extension Worker from the Shop will increase your armory capacity by 20.
  • New Internal Affairs interactions has been added.

January 14

  • [4:00 JST]- As informed in the Touken Ranbu ONLINE Second Anniversary Producer Talk Show, the details of the implementation of the new sword Sengo Muramasa will be released momentarily.
  • Touken Ranbu Second Anniversary Commemoration has begun on 2017/01/14 and will last until 2017/02/02 23:59 JST (GMT+9)
    • Touken Ranbu Second Anniversary background has been sent out to your inbox and will be available until February 2nd. Please remember to claim it from the inbox.
  • Celebration of Saniwa Inauguration Second Year Anniversary Campaign begins and ends differently according to your registration date. Please check the Campaigns page for more details.