• Sogen tab in Sword List menu in each Character page
  • Warning when using 1 gramophone to unlock chosen line

Recordings (sogen 蘇言) is a function that can replay special lines such as the Saniwa First Anniversary at any time in the Sword List menu. An item called a 'Gramophone' (sogenki 蘇言機) is needed to use this function.

To unlock the Gramophone, the saniwa must celebrate their first anniversary. Before that, gramophones may not be purchased at the shop. One gramophone is required per sword. To use the gramophone, choose the Recordings option in the entry of the sword you wish to recall.

How to obtain Gramophones:

Unlocking Special Lines Edit

Special lines are available for a limited time without the use of a gramophone during its event. After the event, a one-time use of the gramophone will unlock the special line permanently.

To use a gramophone:

1. Access the Sword Library(刀帳) from the menu
2. Select the character you wish to use the gramophone on
3. Go to Recordings (蘇言) located at the center
4. Choose the special line you want to unlock
5. Press yes (はい) to confirm. This will consume the gramophone.

There will be a delay loading the special line and the scene.

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