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For a list of successful sword smithing recipes, see Board:Recipe Report.
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Smithing allows players to create new swords. Creating a sword consumes resources, consisting of charcoal (木炭) Charcoal steel (玉鋼) Steel coolant (冷却材) Coolant , and whetstone (砥石) Grindstone . Each smithing also requires a Request Token (依頼札). All of them can be obtained by fulfilling Missions, or through Expeditions and the Front Lines.

Using Ofuda (御札) will increase your chances of getting a rare sword, but does not guarantee doing so. Ofuda can be obtained through certain Missions or purchased in the Shop.

Extensive trial data has generally indicated that factors such as player level, sword leader, and leader level have little to no effect on the result. The primary factor appears to be the recipe chosen for Smithing.

Recipes Edit

Listed below are recipes that have the greatest likelihood of creating a particular type of sword. It is important to note that using specific recipes only increases the chances of getting a certain type of sword, but that other types of swords will still be obtainable.

The percentages listed in the remarks are based off of experimental data[1], and as such may not be 100% accurate.

Bear in mind that the type of sword you will obtain is random, so the chances of obtaining the sword you desire may be fairly low.

Tantou (短刀)Edit

Charcoal Steel Coolant Grindstone Remarks
50 50 50 50 Default recipe - 100% Tantou
Sample Size: 104715 Trials
Rare Swords: Hirano Toushirou(3.40%), Atsushi Toushirou(3.49%)

Wakizashi (脇差)Edit

Charcoal Steel Coolant Grindstone Remarks
100 400 100 100 100% Wakizashi
Sample Size: 298 Trials
Swords: Nikkari Aoe(28.19%), Namazuo Toushirou(19.12%), Honebami Toushirou(29.86%), Horikawa Kunihiro(21.81%)

Uchigatana (打刀)Edit

Uchigatana-3 Rarity-3 Uchigatanas refer to Izuminokami Kanesada, Ookurikara, and Doudanuki Masakuni.

Charcoal Steel Coolant Grindstone Remarks
350 510 350 350 77% Rarity-2 Uchigatana, 10.6% Rarity-3 Uchigatana, 12.4% Tachi
Sample Size: 29462 Trials
Rarer Uchigatanas: Izuminokami Kanesada(3.63%), Ookurikara(3.55%), Heshikiri Hasebe(4.44%), Doudanuki Masakuni(3.37%)
500 500 500 500 76.3% Rarity-2 Uchigatana, 11.0% Rarity-3 Uchigatana, 12.7% Tachi
Sample Size: 926 Trials
Rarer Uchigatanas: Izuminokami Kanesada(4.42%), Ookurikara(3.34%), Heshikiri Hasebe(5.61%), Doudanuki Masakuni(3.23%)

Tachi (太刀)Edit

Charcoal Steel Coolant Grindstone Remarks
350 510 350 350 77% Rarity-2 Uchigatana, 10.6% Rarity-3 Uchigatana, 12.4% Tachi
Sample Size: 29462 Trials
Rare Swords: Mikazuki Munechika(0.15%), Kogitsunemaru(0.17%), Ichigo Hitofuri(0.30%), Uguisumaru(0.27%), Kousetsu Samonji(0.71%), Tsurumaru Kuninaga(0.69%)
900 900 900 900 72.3% Rarity-2 Uchigatana, 10.2% Rarity-3 Uchigatana, 17.0% Tachi
Sample Size: 4281 Trials
Rare Swords: Mikazuki Munechika(0.23%), Kogitsunemaru(0.18%), Ichigo Hitofuri(0.32%), Uguisumaru(1.51%), Kousetsu Samonji(0.98%), Tsurumaru Kuninaga(3.62%)
950 950 950 950 75.9% Rarity-2 Uchigatana, 10.9% Rarity-3 Uchigatana, 13.2% Tachi
Sample Size: 18980 Trials
Rare Swords: Mikazuki Munechika(0.89%), Kogitsunemaru(0.13%), Ichigo Hitofuri(0.32%), Uguisumaru(0.26%), Kousetsu Samonji(0.70%), Tsurumaru Kuninaga(0.75%)

Ootachi (大太刀)Edit

Charcoal Steel Coolant Grindstone Remarks
530 600 600 550 67.5% Rarity-2 Uchigatana, 9.5% Rarity-3 Uchigatana, 11.2% Tachi, 11.8% Ootachi
Sample Size: 5555 Trials
Swords: Ishikirimaru(4.55%), Hotarumaru(1.42%), Taroutachi(3.51%), Jiroutachi(2.28%)
550 660 660 550 68.2% Rarity-2 Uchigatana, 10.5% Rarity-3 Uchigatana, 10.6% Tachi, 10.7% Ootachi
Sample Size: 3368 Trials
Swords: Ishikirimaru(3.77%), Hotarumaru(1.06%), Taroutachi(3.23%), Jiroutachi(2.64%)
550 660 760 550 68.8% Rarity-2 Uchigatana, 9.2% Rarity-3 Uchigatana, 11.3% Tachi, 10.7% Ootachi
Sample Size: 5003 Trials
Swords: Ishikirimaru(3.81%), Hotarumaru(1.37%), Taroutachi(3.19%), Jiroutachi(2.27%)

Yari (槍)Edit

Charcoal Steel Coolant Grindstone Remarks
500 50 500 500 94.15% Tantou, 5.85% Yari
Sample Size: 1878 Trials
Rare Swords: Tonbokiri(2.87%), Otegine(2.98%), Hirano Toushirou(3.88%), Atsushi Toushirou(3.67%)
550 50 550 550 93.8% Tantou, 6.2% Yari
Sample Size: 1667 Trials
Rare Swords: Tonbokiri(3.29%), Otegine(2.93%), Hirano Toushirou(2.69%), Atsushi Toushirou(3.47%)

Naginata (薙刀)Edit

Charcoal Steel Coolant Grindstone Remarks
600 500 700 700 75.3% Rarity-2 Uchigatana, 10.1% Rarity-3 Uchigatana, 12.4% Tachi, 2.2% Naginata
Sample Size: 1726 Trials
600 600 700 700 75.3% Rarity-2 Uchigatana, 10.2% Rarity-3 Uchigatana, 11.9% Tachi, 2.6% Naginata
Sample Size: 1609 Trials

Forging TimeEdit

Each sword requires a certain amount of time in order to be forged. The timer you see after forging a sword can be used to potentially identify the type of sword being made.

Time Sword Class Result
00:20:00 Tantou-1 Tantou Imanotsurugi, Maeda Toushirou, Akita Toushirou, Midare Toushirou, Gokotai, Yagen Toushirou, Aizen Kunitoshi, Sayo Samonji
00:25:00 Hakata Toushirou [2]
00:30:00 Hirano Toushirou, Atsushi Toushirou
00:40:00 Wakizashi-2 Wakizashi Nikkari Aoe, Namazuo Toushirou, Honebami Toushirou, Horikawa Kunihiro, Urashima Kotetsu
01:30:00 Uchigatana-2 Uchigatana Nakigitsune, Souza Samonji, Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Yamatonokami Yasusada, Kasen Kanesada, Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki, Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, Hachisuka Kotetsu
02:30:00 Uchigatana-2 Uchigatana Heshikiri Hasebe
Ootachi-3 Ootachi Ishikirimaru, Taroutachi, Jiroutachi
03:00:00 Yari-4 Yari-3 Yari Tonbokiri, Otegine, Nihongou [3]
Uchigatana-2 Uchigatana Nagasone Kotetsu
Uchigatana-3 Uchigatana Sengo Muramasa [4], Izuminokami Kanesada, Ookurikara, Doudanuki Masakuni
Tachi-3 Tachi Shokudaikiri Mitsutada, Yamabushi Kunihiro, Shishiou
Ootachi-4 Ootachi Hotarumaru
03:20:00 Tachi-3 Tachi Akashi Kuniyuki [3]
Tachi-5Tachi-4 Tachi Ichigo Hitofuri, Uguisumaru, Kousetsu Samonji, Tsurumaru Kuninaga, Kogarasumaru [5]
04:00:00 Tachi-5 Tachi-3 Tachi Mikazuki Munechika, Kogitsunemaru, Oodenta Mitsuyo [6], Sohayanotsurugi [6]
05:00:00 Naginata-3 Naginata Iwatooshi, Tomoegata Naginata [7]
10:01:00 Tachi-5 Tachi Juzumaru Tsunetsugu [8]

Dismantling Swords Edit

Sword dismantle

The menu for dismantling swords, located on the second tab of the Forge.

The second tab of the Forge, labeled [刀解], brings up a menu that allows you to select unwanted swords for destruction. Dismantling swords will provide you with a very small amount of resources, which varies based on what type of sword you are dismantling.

Consuming swords at the Refinery is generally a more cost-effective way to get rid of extra swords, unless you have no swords that need their stats boosted.

Swords must fulfill the following conditions to show up as a sword to dismantle:

  • Be unlocked from the Formation menu (by default)
  • Are unassigned to any parties
  • Are not in Internal Affairs

Swords that are dismantled will have any equipped troops and horses automatically removed and returned to the inventory.

The breakdown of resources obtained per sword dismantled is as follows:

Type Charcoal Steel Coolant Grindstone
Tantou-1 Tantou 1 2 0 1
Tantou-2 Tantou (Kiwame) 2 4 0 2
Wakizashi-2 Wakizashi 2 4 0 2
Wakizashi-3 Wakizashi (Kiwame) 4 8 0 4
Uchigatana-2 Uchigatana 4 4 1 4
Uchigatana-3 Uchigatana (Kiwame)  ?  ?  ?  ?
Uchigatana-3 Uchigatana 4 10 10 2
Uchigatana-4 Uchigatana (Kiwame) 8 20 20 4
Tachi-3 Tachi-4 Tachi-5 Tachi 4 10 10 2
Ootachi-3 Ootachi-4 Ootachi 4 12 12 2
Yari-3 Yari 12 12 4 12
Naginata-3 Naginata 12 12 4 12


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