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No. Crest Name Notes
3 Mikazuki-Crest Mikazuki Munechika
5 Kogitsunemaru-Crest Kogitsunemaru
7 Ishikirimaru-Crest Ishikirimaru
9 Iwatooshi-Crest Iwatooshi
11-12 Imanotsurugi-Crest Imanotsurugi
13 Oodenta-Crest Oodenta Mitsuyo
15 Sohayanotsurugi-Crest Sohayanotsurugi
17 Juzumaru-Crest Juzumaru Tsunetsugu
19 Nikkari-Crest Nikkari Aoe
23 Nakigitsune-Crest Nakigitsune
25 Ichigo-Crest Ichigo Hitofuri
27 Namazuo-Crest Namazuo Toushirou
29 Honebami-Crest Honebami Toushirou
31-32 Hirano-Crest Hirano Toushirou
33-34 Atsu-Crest Atsushi Toushirou
35-36 Gotou-Crest Gotou Toushirou
37-38 Shinano-Crest Shinano Toushirou
39-40 Maeda-Crest Maeda Toushirou
41-42 Akita-Crest Akita Toushirou
43-44 Hakata-Crest Hakata Toushirou
45-46 Midare-Crest Midare Toushirou
47-48 Gokotai-Crest Gokotai
49-50 Yagen-Crest Yagen Toushirou
51 Houchou-Crest Houchou Toushirou
53 Ookanehira-Crest Ookanehira
55 Uguisumaru-Crest Uguisumaru
57 Akashi-Crest Akashi Kuniyuki
59 Hotarumaru-Crest Hotarumaru
61-62 Aizen-Crest Aizen Kunitoshi
63 Sengo-Crest Sengo Muramasa
65 Tonbokiri-Crest Tonbokiri
67 Monoyoshi-Crest Monoyoshi Sadamune
69 Taikogane-Crest Taikogane Sadamune
71 Kikkou-Crest Kikkou Sadamune
73 Shokudaikiri-Crest Shokudaikiri Mitsutada
79 Kousetsu-Crest Kousetsu Samonji
81 Souza-Crest Souza Samonji
83-84 Sayo-Crest Sayo Samonji
85 Kashuu-Crest Kashuu Kiyomitsu
87 Yamatonokami-Crest Yamatonokami Yasusada
89 Kasen-Crest Kasen Kanesada
91 Izuminokami-Crest Izuminokami Kanesada
93 Mutsunokami-Crest Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki
95 Yamanbagiri-Crest Yamanbagiri Kunihiro
97 Yamabushi-Crest Yamabushi Kunihiro
99 Horikawa-Crest Horikawa Kunihiro
101 Hachisuka-Crest Hachisuka Kotetsu
103 Urashima-Crest Urashima Kotetsu
105 Nagasone-Crest Nagasone Kotetsu
107-110 Higekiri-Crest Higekiri
112-114 Hizamaru-Crest Hizamaru
116 Ookurikara-Crest Ookurikara
118 Heshikiri-Crest Heshikiri Hasebe
120 Fudou-Crest Fudou Yukimitsu
122 Shishiou-Crest Shishiou
124 Kogarasumaru-Crest Kogarasumaru
128 Doutanuki-Crest Doudanuki Masakuni
130 Tsurumaru-Crest Tsurumaru Kuninaga
132 Taroutachi-Crest Taroutachi
134 Jiroutachi-Crest Jiroutachi
136 Nihongou-Crest Nihongou
138 Otegine-Crest Otegine

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