For more info on other type of sword upgrade, see Upgrades.
  • The notice that appears when a sword has reached Toku.|
  • The Toku screen.
  • Comparison between Toku (top) and non-Toku (bottom) sword panel in Formation tab.

Toku (特) is an upgraded state that is reached once a sword reaches either Level 20 or 25, depending on the sword. It happens automatically after the sword levels up and fully restores its HP, while also permanently boosting its stats. Toku status cannot be reverted once the sword has reached its Toku level.

Any increases in a sword's stats before it reaches Toku will be overwritten by its base Toku stats once it achieves Toku. Like a sword's base stats, its Toku stats can also be increased via Refinery or Internal Affairs up to a maximum cap.

For most swords, the only difference between its normal and Toku forms is that the Toku card will have static sakura petals in the background and a Toku icon Toku-Icon.

Toku Ni and Toku San Edit

Toku-Multiple Toku

Multiple Toku comparison for Higekiri and Hizamaru

Higekiri and Hizamaru are two special exceptions to this in that they have multiple Toku states that change Rarity, each with a different set of sprites.

Level Requirement Chart
Toku State Required Level
Toku Level 20 or 25
Toku Ni Level 50
Toku San Level 75

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