Katsugeki Official Character Design
Character Description

A yari (Japanese spear) crafted by Masazane Fujiwara, under the school of Muramasa. It is recognized as one of The Three Great Spears of Japan. The name stems from a legend that its blade was so sharp, a dragonfly stopped on its blade and was instantly sliced in half. He is very honest and sincere, and is primarily sent on missions in the Sengoku (Warring States) Era.


Hanamaru Official Character Design
Character Description

One of the Three Great Spears, a spear made by Fujiwara Masazane of Muramasa school. On the blade's inside part, there are beautiful Sanskrit characters and trident drawn. His name comes from an anecdote where a dragonfly that landed on top of the blade was instantly cut in two. Although he's big, he has simple and sincere personality.

Comments from Voice Actor

Q: Tell us your impression of the character you are acting as and what enthuses you most when you are acting him.

A: About Tonbokiri, of course there's the strength, but my first impression is that his posture seems beautiful. "I should draw it out somehow," I thought while performing him. I thought, "Well, because of his kindness and tolerant personality, he cannot bear to turn down those who rely on him, so maybe that's his weak point..." and stuff.

Q: Tell us about any happenings around you lately that feels like "Hanamaru".

A: It's definitely the fact that I'm allowed to do 3 characters in Hanamaru!! I did it!!


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  • His favorite food is daifuku, as daifuku was the first thing he ate after gaining a human body and he was moved by its deliciousness. (Episode 2)
Hanamaru Season 1
  • He is the 41th sword obtained by the Saniwa in Hanamaru Citadel.
  • His first appearance in Hanamaru Citadel is in Episode 8.