The Helper in use, currently showing the player's parties

The Touken Ranbu Helper is a Google Chrome extension that displays useful information about one's game, including sword and troop health, troop count, and predicted smithing results. It gathers this information by reading the data that the server transfers to the player's client game.

The Helper is made by weibo user moelynn, then translated into English by Oredare, Maitou, Seijuros, and Miiandering.

Original forum thread is here.

Notes Edit

  • This extension only works with Google Chrome
    • Chrome may display a screen on startup regarding the extension - ignore it. The notice is normal behavior. It does this to every unpacked extension, as a safeguard against potentially malicious ones.
  • The extension will malfunction for every new sword added to the game. Please update the extension accordingly.

Installation Edit

Current Version: Touken Ranbu Helper 0.3.0 (Download)

  • Older versions of Touken Ranbu Helper must be removed from Chrome from the Extensions menu before installing the new version.

Current Update: 2017/11/02

  • Compatibility for unreleased Kiwame (Tantou, Wakizashi, Uchigatana) has been implemented.
Previous Updates:

Minor Update: 2017/10/31

  • Heshikiri has been renamed to Hasebe.

Update: 2017/10/17

  • Uchigatana Kiwame now have their experience points properly displayed.


  • Wakizashi Kiwame now have their experience points properly displayed (level 55).


  • Wakizashi Kiwame now have their experience points properly displayed.


  • Mouri Toushirou has been added to the rare and super rare sword drop list.


  • Tomoegata Naginata update now shows party formation. Thank you to Atari for the fix.


  • Rare and super rare swords have been updated to include newer boss drop and event swords since 2015. Thank you to Akhime for the updated code.


  • Kiwame swords now have their experience points properly displayed. Thank you to Divest for the fix.

Download Edit

  1. Download the zip linked above
  2. Extract the zip somewhere (the zip contains a folder named 'Touken Ranbu Helper')

Load Edit

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Open Chrome's extensions page ( you can open it by typing chrome://extensions on the address bar)
  3. Check the 'Developer Mode' on top right of the page
  4. Click "Load unpacked extension..." button
  5. Choose the 'Touken Ranbu Helper' folder you just unzipped before. Do not select the folders inside it.

Use Edit

  1. Open Touken Ranbu
  2. Open Chrome's Developer tools ( Ctrl+Shift+I OR F12 for Windows / Cmd+Opt+I for Mac)
  3. On the top row (the one with dark background) of developer tools, you'll see 'THR+ English'. Click it.
  4. On the same row on the very right before exit icon, click the square looking icon on to change the orientation from landscape to portrait.
  5. Use it!

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