Hanamaru Official Character Design
Character Description

A tachi made by a swordsmith of Kobizen School. Since old times the crafts of Kobizen School have been regarded as treasure and were widely used, as with this Uguisumaru.

Comments from Voice Actor

Q: Tell us your impression of the character you are acting as and what enthuses you most when you are acting him.

A: Up until now I have performed for the Uguisumaru in-game, but when I was told to voice him in the anime I was ecstatic! I think he's a man that's always composed and has this mature charm, so I'll carefully portray him!

Q: Tell us about any happenings around you lately that feels like "Hanamaru".

A: For me, this first regular co-starring with Irie Reona is hanamaru itself. Haha.


Anime Character Trivia

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Hanamaru Season 1
  • He is the 28th sword obtained by the Saniwa in Hanamaru Citadel.