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160412 eventosaka banner Underground Treasure Chest (地下に眠る千両箱) involves exploring the vast area beneath Osaka Castle and collecting Koban. To enter, select the event banner from the sortie page.

Event Period: 12 Apr 2016 (Tue) 16:00 until 26 Apr 2016 (Tue) 14:00 Japan Standard Time.

April 26 2016 14:00 +0900 until event's over!

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How to Play Edit

  • Floors 1 to 50 are made to be accessible to all players. You can collect Koban by clearing the boss node on each floor, and also by stepping on normal map nodes. The reward for clearing the 50th floor is the new sword Shinano Toushirou.
  • Floor 51 onwards is the challenge stage. Enemies from hereon are stronger so you should attempt these floors in accordance to the level of your team.
  • A modest event commemoration gift will be awarded for clearing the 100th floor.
  • Once all floors have been cleared, you can only replay the 100th floor for the remainder of the event.
  • In rare instances, you can obtain Shinano Toushirou, Hakata Toushirou, or Gotou Toushirou by defeating the boss on the 100th floor.

Notes Edit

  • There is no level limit for experience gain.
  • Kebiishi will not appear.
  • It's not possible to return to a previous floor once it's been cleared.
  • All clear rewards will be sent directly to your inbox. Please be mindful of the expiry date.
  • If you return to the citadel in the middle of a map, you will restart from the beginning of that floor.
  • Having Hakata Toushirou on your team will increase koban by 1.5x. Any koban rewards received because of Hakata will be in green text.

Tips Edit

  • After defeating the boss on each floor, you will automatically proceed to the next floor.
    • Troop count is restored at the end of each floor, as if one had returned to the citadel at the end of a map.
    • Enemy strength and floor difficulty increase every 10 floors.
  • Swords accumulate fatigue as they progress through floors.
    • Since you cannot confirm fatigue levels during sortie, it is recommended to return to citadel at regular intervals to monitor fatigue.
  • All floors within the event are normal day maps. Ootachi and Naginata have an advantage, however putting Tantou in your team will slightly increase the chances of stepping on resource nodes.

Summary of Floors Edit

Floor Battle Nodes Enemy Troops Rarity-5 Yari Drops Notes
Mobility Damage Locations
1~10 5 None None Tantou and Wakizashi Enemies are all Tantou, Wakizashi, and Uchigatana
11~20 4~5 +Uchigatana
21~30 5~6 Sometimes outspeeds player swords 2 Possible at boss node +Tachi at boss node
31~40 6 Boss node
41~50 7 1 slot Pre-boss + boss node Shinano Toushirou is awarded for clearing floor 50
51~60 6~8 Always strikes first 5~6 Pre-boss + boss node;
Some regular nodes
+Tachis and Ootachis
61~70 6~9
71~80 4~7 1 slot;
2 slots at pre-boss and boss nodes
+Yari at boss node
81~90 8~9 5~7
91~99 8~9
100 7~10 6~8 +Yari and Naginata at boss node Shinano Toushirou, Hakata Toushirou, or Gotou Toushirou are a potential, but rare※, drop at the boss node.

Rewards Edit

The following rewards are given for clearing each floor of the Underground Treasure Chest map.

Floor Lv. Koban Other Rewards Floor Lv. Koban Other Rewards
1-10 300 Lv. 3 / 8 Request Token
Lv. 5 Sage Dango
Lv. 10 Light Infantry (Gold)
51-60 100 Lv. 53 Help Token
Lv. 55 Makunouchi Bento
Lv. 58 Request Token
Lv. 60 Spearmen (Gold)
11-20 320 Lv. 13 / 18 Request Token
Lv. 15 Light Cavalry (Gold)
Lv. 20 Heavy Infantry (Gold)
61-70 100 Lv. 63 Request Token
Lv. 65 Omamori
Lv. 68 Help Token
Lv. 70 Sage Dango
21-30 340 Lv. 23 Help Token
Lv. 25 Heavy Cavalry (Gold)
Lv. 28 Request Token
Lv. 30 Archer (Gold)
71-80 100 Lv. 73 Request Token
Lv. 75 Fuji Ofuda
Lv. 78 Help Token
Lv. 80 Elite (Gold)
31-40 360 Lv. 33/ 40 Request Token
Lv. 35 Catapult (Gold)
Lv. 38 Help Token
81-90 100

Lv. 83 Kage (Horse)
Lv. 85 Sage Dango
Lv. 88 Request Token
Lv. 90 Shieldmen (Gold)

41-49 380 Lv. 43 Shiroge (Horse)
Lv. 45 Musketeers (Gold)
Lv. 48 Request Token
91-99 100 Lv. 93 Help Token
Lv. 95 Coin Box (Large)
Lv. 98 Request Token
50 10,000 Shinano Toushirou 10010,000※ Background

※Note: 10,000 Koban and Background are only rewarded the first time Floor 100 is cleared.


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