Redoing bc the old one was cringy ew (this one's still cringy tho)

  1. What is your name and which server is your citadel in?
    赤姫 (aka-hime), Bicchu no Kuni (備中国)
  2. When did you start serving as a saniwa? Please display your battle records.
    Akhime-records new
  3. Which starter sword did you pick? What is he doing now?
    Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, current retainer. He hasn't done much since he turned Level 99.
  4. Who is the first among your swords to reach the maximum level? What do you think of him?
    Yamanbagiri turned lvl 99 ten days after my birthday. I love him so much.
  5. Who do you have in each of your squads, and how do you use them? If you haven’t unlocked all four teams yet, briefly describe how you plan to organize them.
    • 1st squad: Main training/grinding team. I usually remove everyone except for the leader before I close the game.
    • 2nd squad: Secondary training/grinding team. Is empty most of the time unless I use them for expeditions or event sorties.
    • 3rd & 4th squad: Expedition teams.
  6. Without considering the performance of the swords, which type of sword do you prefer?
    I really like tachis (also I want their height //sobs)
  7. Next, we come to the usual questions. List the swords that you like and your thoughts on them.
    My faves change over time but they're pretty constant:
    • Yamanbagiri Kunihiro - I love him so much I want to cry. He's so beautiful and I want him to see that for himself and I take good care of him so much to a point he's always in full health and he's never fallen out of sakura fubuki ever since I started playing and-- SWORD HUSBAND UGH
    • Ichigo Hitofuri - Did you know I have a weak spot for older brother figures? Well, now you know.
    • Mikazuki Munechika - it's your fault I'm stuck in sword hell.
  8. Are there any pairings that you like? If there, please list them. (No limit on type.)
    • Ichigo/Yamanbagiri (tbh this pair is more of my personal inside joke)
    • Mikazuki/Yamanbagiri
    • Yagen/Midare
    tbh I ship everyone with Yamanbagiri except for Yamabushi bc there was one doujin that really disturbed me eeeee..... but yeah they're cute aaa...
  9. Is your citadel an employee-friendly citadel or a black-hearted citadel that works your swords to the bone?
    I usually make them do extra work on events. Other than that, I don't really make them do that much.
  10. Have you ever done anything weird to your swords?
    Placing certain sword pairs in Internal Affairs because I thought they'd do better when paired together?? Also broke a sword out of curiosity.
  11. Have you ever broken a sword? What happened, and who did you break?
    I broke a Yagen duplicate (not sure if he was a duplicate but I had two so I just broke whoever had the lower level) out of curiosity. Other than that, I haven't broken anyone.
  12. Who loses troops the most in your citadel? And who is the most skilled at making troops?
    I still think Nikkari breaks troops, though not as much as before. As for making troops, jiji seems to give a lot of good ones.
  13. Another common question: have you ever done something with all of your might in order to get a particular sword? Please describe what you did and the results.
    • I blew my resources on Juzumaru's smithing campaign. I got him on my last request token. All-100 recipe, no ofuda I---
    • I was so frustrated that I didn't have Tsurumaru so I was desperate to grind and I tried this one recipe that almost guaranteed Tsurumaru, used ofuda and I got him on my first try.
    Alright, on to the saltier ones:
    • First time I spent actual money in the game just to get Sohayonotsurugi and Oodenta and I didn't get them either orz
  14. Are you superstitious? (www)
  15. What made you join the TKRB fandom in the beginning? How about now?
    Tbh it was Mikazuki who lured me into the game. He used to be EVERYWHERE (and he still is omg make it stop). I mean everywhere, he was in those ads, Reika cosplayed him, Wachi made an MMD model of him (and holy shit it's fucking beautiful it makes you want to cry). He literally pops up in every corner of the internet.
    I stayed in the fandom because of Yamanbagiri though.
  16. What do you think of the current maps? (For example: which map is good for training/grinding, which maps do you get lost in the most, which map do you want to burn?)
    I usually grind 5-4, 6-2 and 6-4 to level up. If the sword I'm levelling can't really handle it after one run, I bring him up in world 4 until he can handle higher maps.
    Also screw Kebiishi maps. You fight them and get high ranks but you don't get compensated with enough EXP boo.
  17. Are there any game systems or improvements that you hope DMM will implement?
    • tbh I only wanted a marriage system because it raises the stat cap, but since Kiwame exists I don't think it's really necessary...
      • Speaking of Kiwame, I'd like it if they make the training items available at the shop.
  18. If DMM cooperates on an event with another game/anime/etc., what would you like to see?
    • I still think a collab with Shinken is nice, but yeah that idea's never going to happen.
    • Collab with Sengoku Basara would be great too...
  19. Have you spent money playing TKRB? If so, how much? If not, do you plan to?
    I spent ~1000 Yen on the game. Though I don't really spend much unless there's a need to. I'm saving up for merch and some sword space on the side.
  20. Is there any merchandise that you would like to buy or see?
    I want to have every merch that has Yamanbagiri in it but I know I can't do and/or afford that so I'll take whatever I can.
  21. Have you done any fanwork (fanfiction, fanart, etc.)? If so, what?
    75% of my tkrb fan work has Yamanbagiri in it, 15% are about the other swords and 10% shitposting and photoshopping Hasebe into various photos.
  22. What do you think you are like as a saniwa?
    I am a saniwa with no chill. I will not chill. I will march up to that era if I have to and I will make your retrograding ass regret you ever existed.
  23. If the government asked you to choose a sword to kill yourself with in terms of emergency, who would you pick?
    I honestly don't want to do that but if it comes to that, I'd pick Yagen I guess. He'd most likely understand and be mature about it.
  24. The government has asked you to write a report: how would you describe the situation in your citadel?
    Get me a better swordsmith and we'll talk about it later.
  25. What do you think of the Retrograding Army?
    u r a buncha dicks.
  26. Lastly, please say something about TKRB from the bottom of your heart!
    My inner history fangirl screams about this game. So yeah, thank you for that Nitroplus.
    Number of times I've mentioned Yamanbagiri in this entry (including this one): 10, that's uh... something I guess....

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