File:Silence Records × NIZI-RINGO - Athenarium XFD

This video if given a chance i would gladly suggest dmm to use the sound track. each song toudan would be

♫Album: Athenarium ♫Label: Silence Records & NIZI-RINGO ♫Event: C91 (2016)

Tracks: 01 enzo underworld - YouMe  = imanotsurugi

02 ばんし - "-Yashiro- = Shishiou

03 Tanchiky - 羽衣乃舞  = not sutable

04 YUC'e - 戦国HOP = not sutable

05 Aire - 霜月 = not sutable would have been kosetsu but ...

06 KO3 - 祭 = not sutable

07 Nor - 喝 = not sutable

08 O2i3 - A Flat Minor = hakata toushiro feels like japanise business man!

09 MMQX - 百九十 = aizen kunitoshi the festival feel is strong in this.

10 Street - Dimension Ninja = yagen toushirou this would suit him

11 ginkiha feat. TEA - Hare = without the vocal akita toushirou.

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Composer: ★ enzo underworld: Soundcloud: Twitter :

★ばんし: Soundcloud: Twitter: Website:

★ Tanchiky: Soundcloud: Twitter:

★YUC'e: Twitter: Soundcloud: Website:

★ Aire: Twitter: Soundcloud:

★ KO3: Twitter: Soundcloud:

★ Nor: Twitter: Soundcloud:

★ O2i3: Twitter: Soundcloud:

★ MMQX: Twitter: Soundcloud:

★ Street:  Twitter: Soundcloud:

★ ginkiha: Twitter: Soundcloud:

★ TEA(てあ): Twitter: Tumblr:


Silence Records:



Riparia Records:

Kirara Records:



★ Illustrator/Designer: Sin:ck Website: Pixiv: Twitter:

★ Mastering: Puru Soundcloud: Twitter: Twitch:

★ Web Design: Eins Twitter:

If any artist, producer, circle or studio have any issue with this upload, please contact: and this will be modified right away.

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