• throws confetti around* 

Seriously thanking myself for figuring "Hey why not play Touken Ranbu while also waiting for VOEZ's weekend song unlock update?" and then choosing 7-1 stage to hunt for Monoyoshi-kun LIKE USUAL.

But yes, I finally obtained the long-awaited Monoyoshi Sadamune!

With Mitsutada (91) as leader, Kane-san (93), Ishikirimaru (88), Hotarumaru (99), Tsurumaru (92), and Ichigo (96) as my team. 

My troops didn't suffer as much in comparison with 7-2...

Since then I have been trying to level up the precious child, it seems like he has really good scouting specs. 

Next up is working on getting all my gold troops back, so I can spam 7-2 for the recollections and Sada-chan! 

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