I really hope that I'll be able to get Mouri during this event. It sucks that he isn't a guaranteed drop! Also doesn't help that I still need to acquire Hakata, Gotou, and Houchou. Here's hoping that RNG-sama will be kind to me for this event. I sure as heck didn't have any luck trying to get the elusive Taiko last event, and trying to smith for Tomoe before that was downright depressing.

But anyways, I think I've at least divvied up the searching fairly well; I'm using my team 1 to grind on floor 50 searching for Mouri, and once they get fatigued I take teams 2-3 either to floor 20 or floor 40 depending on my mood. I think I'm leaning towards floor 20 first though, because I spent most of last UTC hunting for Gotou and it looks like I'm continuing that trend. Maybe he'll be kinder this time around and drop soon!

(Then again, I was a supreme idiot last UTC and didn't know you could go back and check floors -screams into the void-, so that was partially why I suffered so much.)

I also thought I'd post one of my music tracks I'd been using for some nice background noise. If anyone else wants to listen, go for it!

Anyone else feel like ranting about UTC? I know it's early in the event so far, but I know the no guaranteed drop thing has miffed a lot of people. 

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