If only it was ACTUALLY easy, omg...

020116 GOTOU
So I started out the event, thinking "oh, it's not gonna be a problem getting to Floor 20!"

It wasn't actually, but I did drop Hakata from the team after I went past Floor 15+; goodbye my bonus koban ;;

Burned all my resources MY STEEL AND REPAIR TOKENS just for you, Gotou...

Just saying, I have the worst RNG luck ever, so

Going from 10k to 3k Steel in the end, as well as from 210 tokens to 150...

yeeeaaahhhh. Thank you for coming home, FINALLY. )8

Maybe this'll teach me to train my uchigatas or my wakizashis, my poor bby tachis used so much steel for repairs ugh o)--(

Atleast some good things came out of this though!

Mikazuki finally got to lv99 8D, I have lots of charcoal & whetstone now,

and I'm finished with my tantou collection~ /o/ (for now)

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