Main strategy:

I'm giving myself 15 days to obtain 40,000 beads.

I must get 40,000 / 15 = 2667 beads per day.

If I aim to get 200 beads per sortie, I must make 2667 / 200 = 14 successful tries each day.

Amount of koban required = 45,000 (taking into account 2 free refills per day)


Hotarumaru (lv 92) , Ishikirimaru (lv 91), Tarou Tachi (lv 70), Iwatooshi (lv 71), Kogitsunemaru(lv90) / Mikazuki (lv68) / Ichigo(lv67) / Tsurumaru(lv 63) in rotation.


Hotarumaru is sometimes able to survive the stronger enemy's hit (2nd card and above)

Level 90 Kogi and Level 67 Ichini seem to be as easily knocked out in 1 hit when facing stronger enemy.

Iwatooshi is most of the time able to one-hit all enemies or a couple, but against stronger enemies, he usually can't one-hit a single enemy.

Have been able to survive up to 3rd-time reinforced enemy. Have not gone up against 4th-time reinforced enemy. Apparently that's a sure defeat?

2nd-time reinforced Naginata have sometimes failed to one-hit any one.

Day 1 Report:

Number of tries / passes used: 15

Koban spent: 4000

Cleared all 4 maps.

Number of forced returns: Once on map 3 when the team got weakened by bomb, poisoned darts and a strong enemy.

Total number of beads achieved: 3460

Day 2 Report:

Migrated Log to here.

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