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The War Training Expansion Event (戦力拡充計画) involves traveling through a series of maps to train your swords, while also having the chance to obtain rare swords, including Nihongou. To enter, select the event banner from the Front Lines page.

Event Period: 11 August 2015 (Tues) 17:00 until 8 September 2015 (Tues) 14:00 Japan Standard Time.

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How to Play Edit

The event map is made up of 4 stages ranging from "Basic Training" to "Nihongou Search." Clearing one stage will unlock the next.

About RewardsEdit

For each stage, we have prepared a "First Clear Bonus" for clearing the stage for the first time and "First Resource Node Rewards" for reaching resource nodes for the first time. The rewards can be resources, koban, items, etc. Normally, if your average team level exceeds the limit for the map, you will not receive any rewards. However, an exception has been made for the "First Clear Bonus" during the event.

About Stage ResetsEdit

In this event, stages will be reset on every weekly Tuesday maintenance.

The "Stage Clear Data" and "First Clear Bonus" will be reset. Following the reset, even if you have unlocked up to Stage 4, you will need to start again from Stage 1. However, as the rewards have also been reset, you will be able to receive the First Clear Bonus again.


Stage 1: Basic Training

  • Level Limit: Lv 30 average (You can still use a team with an average level of 31+, but you will not receive any experience points)
  • You can receive more experience points than normal
  • It's a stage suitable to train low level swords

Stage 2: Intermediate Training

  • Level Limit: Lv 50 average (You can still use a team with an average level of 51+, but you will not receive any experience points)
  • Having a Tantou in your party will guarantee the path to the boss node
  • Parties without Tantous will undertake battles with Virtual Kebiishi
  • Unlike normal Kebiishi, whose strength varies with the level of the highest sword in your team, the strength of the Virtual Kebiishi are fixed at the Lv. 30~49 range.
  • Nagasone Kotetsu and Urashima Kotetsu have a low chance of dropping after defeating the Virtual Kebiishi
    • The drop rate remains the same as in normal Kebiishi fights

Stage 3: Search Training

Stage 4: Nihongou Search

  • Level limit: None
  • Nihongou has a low chance of dropping after defeating the boss.
  • Nihongou will also be implemented in future stages.

Furthermore, on the boss node for this stage, the chances of obtaining the following swords have been increased. The swords which have their drop rates increased will change each week following Tuesday's maintenance.

Tips Edit

  • For Stages 3 and 4, passing through the bamboo is not necessary to get to boss node, so it is advised you bring a Tachi, Ootachi, Naginata, or Yari to increase your chances of reaching the boss node.
    • However, to reach the resource nodes on the map, it is necessary to pass through the bamboo.
  • The maps cannot be infested with normal Kebiishi.


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